How Do You Change The Ordinary Ceiling Lamp Into An LED Ceiling Lamp

- Jul 04, 2018-

Ordinary absorb dome light, is now a lot of places in old old dome light is commonly energy-saving lamp tube inside, not the so-called energy-saving lamp tube energy saving, and nowadays the most energy-efficient LED, if you want to save electricity, or old dome light lamp is broken, how to don't old absorb dome light of energy saving for the LED dome light? (led ceiling light) 

Please look down.


Old ceiling lamps


The internal structure of the old energy-saving lamp(led ceiling light) 


LED ceiling lamp chassis

LED ceiling lamp internal structure

Step 1: remove the lampshade (led ceiling light) 

Some can spin down, some are stuck with three clasps. (led ceiling light) 

Step 2: remove the lamp tube (led ceiling light) 

Remove the plug from the lamp tube above the rectifier, break the spring of the fixed lamp tube, and remove the lamp tube.

Step 3: remove the rectifier (led ceiling light) 

A fluorescent tube rectifier is usually screwed to a ceiling lamp chassis and connected to a ceiling wire. (led ceiling light) 

Unscrew and remove the rectifier. (led ceiling light) 

Step 4: install the ceiling lamp LED light source (led ceiling light) 

A magnet is attached to the light source of the LED ceiling lamp. It is attached to the base of the lamp. (led ceiling light)