How Does LED Lighting Conquer The Urban Rail Transit Market?

- Aug 25, 2018-

Is expected by the end of 2020, China's urban rail transit planning total mileage will be more than 6000 km orbit) (excluding the trams and xiamen city, deducting the opening of the operating line, the operational mileage per year on average in 900 km, up and down the country opened the city urban rail transit will reach around 40, rail transit investment amount would reach 3, 4 trillion yuan.


With the development of The Times and the needs of the society, subway construction is flourishing.

At the same time, the problem of energy consumption in subway operation, especially lighting consumption, has become particularly important. The problem of lighting consumption has caused serious trouble to the construction of a safe and harmonious traffic environment. Therefore, how to solve the problem of subway lighting is one of the topics continuously explored in today's society.


Energy saving lighting in metro


At present, there are high - pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent lamp, high - frequency anode lamp, LED lamp, etc.

High - pressure sodium lamp and fluorescent lamp use gas discharge, storage electricity illumination.

The non-polar lamp, based on the combination of gas discharge and high frequency electromagnetic induction, has more advanced lighting and better effect.

LED is a semiconductor LED light emitting diode based on injection electroluminescence, long time of luminescence, high intensity of illumination, long range, is a relatively modern advanced lighting technology.


High-voltage sodium lamp is the main material for subway lighting in China, but the new LED lamp has the characteristics of high efficiency, long service life, convenient maintenance, stable working voltage, low stable sitting temperature and green environmental protection, which is a strong competitive product for subway lighting at present.

With the mature and rapid development of white light LED technology and standards, LED lighting appliances become the main mobile products in the light source lamps market.


LED energy-saving lighting integrated technology


The energy saving technology of subway lighting should be integrated and principled, and it should be realized mainly through the three links of "environmental energy saving, mode energy saving and control energy saving".

Firstly, it detects the external environment according to the brightness required by the subway, and realizes the energy saving goal on the basis of ensuring the driving.

One is to master the external environment. First, measure the site brightness at night and take measures to enhance the luminosity at night: check the external brightness in rainy season after completion, and conduct targeted lighting design and design modification before implementation, so as to effectively control the environmental factors of lighting energy saving.

Energy conservation and environmental protection needs to strengthen the subway to the outside world in detail the specific environment for thorough testing, need brightness requirements in combination with the subway traffic at the same time, on the basis of energy conservation and environmental protection, points during the testing and test of the external environment brightness, it is concluded that the brightness values for subway than high performance, so as to reduce energy consumption in the process of subway construction, achieve the goal of energy saving.

Second, establish control system to realize high-end energy saving.

Aiming at the influence level of night subway brightness, railway traffic volume and driving speed on the external brightness, the external lighting control system is designed to be composed of an infinite control with the external brightness as the standard and a hierarchical control with the metro traffic volume and driving speed as the standard.


Thirdly, according to the breakthrough research results achieved in the combination of control system and LED lighting technology, the non-polar control low-voltage signal which takes the required brightness of metro driving as the standard can be realized.

The maximum and minimum power of today's lamps has been optimized.

After that, the system control voltage decreases or increases correspondingly with the increase or decrease of external brightness, and the brightness required for lighting of the lamp and subway travel increases or decreases until it is converted to night lighting mode.


The feasibility of putting LED lighting in metro


1. LED is practical


The lighting needs of LED lamps should be satisfied under the proper environment, especially in the places where the driving brightness requirements are high.

The LED luminous efficiency plays a key role.

First, the rapid development of LED technology in recent years and the continuous improvement of luminous efficiency of commercial products have basically broken the practical technical bottleneck of high power, high lighting and small size.

The second LED lamp USES white LED as the light source and has a very high color index.

In the practical, can certainly hit the color index low light source effect, that is equivalent brightness.


2. LED has reliability

LED lamps are still in the experimental stage in subway lighting. There is no unified qualitative product in the market, and its ability in type, organization, structure and standard is not easy.

According to the results of research and practice, it is necessary to put forward control requirements on the quality and structure of subway LED lamps according to the technical characteristics of LED.

First, the quality of LED modules is very reliable, but it also has its instability.

Under normal working conditions, the sudden LED failure or light failure for a short period of time indicates the lack of quality supervision of the supply.

Therefore, controlling the supply of goods to ensure quality requires the development of standards and extensive implementation of testing.

Second, the reliability of LED lamp loop.

LED modules can be combined in series, parallel and series.

In order to guarantee the safety and reliability of LED lamps, it is required that the series of cross-flow power supply and the breaking and conducting technology are required.

Thirdly, the cooling effectiveness of LED lamps.

The LED lamp has good heat dissipation function and can provide illumination for continuous and stable work.

Therefore, in order to prevent the LED from fading and control the LED life, the LED should pay attention to optimize the structure, strengthen heat dissipation and maintain low temperature.

Fourth, the coordination of LED lamp life.

The service life of LED lamps is affected by light decay, heat conduction parts, circuit board, reflector and other components. Therefore, the modularization of the structure of lamps and the separation of light source and power is the basis to guarantee the service life of LED lamps.

3. Economic and energy saving of LED in metro

Aiming at the economy of LED lighting equipment, this paper analyzes the advantages of LED in metro putting.

First, the high price of LED lamps increases the system construction cost, but the low energy consumption of LED lamps reduces the system scale and reduces the construction cost, which is not only conducive to the reduction of economic investment, but also beneficial to the subway energy-saving work.

Second, the advantages of LED lamps in function loss and life span greatly reduce the cost of power consumption and maintenance during operation.

Compared with the direct saving of electricity cost per year after the implementation of the system, the initial investment of 3.3 million yuan is very cost-effective.

In terms of economic value in the same period, it can also reduce consumption and guarantee railway energy saving.

Thirdly, LED module luminous efficiency is continuously improved, and construction cost will be more inclined to the direction of LED system.


Fourthly, reasonable value and fine design are the key to the energy-saving advantage and economic value of LED lighting system.

High - pressure sodium lamp in lighting system is also an ideal platform to research energy - saving integrated technology.

In the environment, mode and control and other energy-saving environments, the advantages of LED lighting system in luminous efficiency, color rendering index, service life and other aspects gradually accumulate the advantages of travel system.

If you can't grasp the subtle unstable factors, you will often get wrong information.

The operation of LED lighting not only saves the economy, but also brings a positive impact on the sustainable development of resources.


Technical standard of metro LED lighting


LED technology is in rapid development, but the quality control standards of LED modules and LED tunnel lamps are uneven, causing a lot of confusion to the promotion and application of LED technology.

Work is under way to unify and perfect relevant standards to ensure the healthy development of the technology.


The ministry of communications's code of design for subway ventilation and lighting has not yet formulated specific standards and regulations on LED lighting technology. The adoption of LED lighting technology, taking high-pressure sodium lamp as a reference, limits its characteristics, so the modification and perfection of relevant norms to promote the reasonable use of the technology are also underway.





Many countries attach great importance to the development and application of LED technology.

America's "next generation lighting plan" was included in the energy bill in 2000, and the European Union launched its "rainbow plan" in 2000, which specifically promoted the use of leds.

China also organized by the ministry of science and technology in 2003 to form the "national semiconductor lighting project coordination leading group", many provincial transportation industry has started this aspect of research.

On the basis of the existing research results and practical experience, through further research and solving the problems existing in the LED lighting technology, LED to the investment of LED lighting technology in Beijing subway station, took the lead in realizing the energy-saving test of the subway lighting technology, and achieved good results and satisfaction.

In the application of energy saving technology of subway LED lighting, there are many problems that need to be explored and improved.

The promotion and development of LED lamps will save our precious resources and protect our living environment.