How Much Is The Luminance Value Of Each Space Illumination Lamps And Lanterns In The Home Is Appropriate?

- Apr 13, 2018-

    The new house is decorated, old house is transformed, we all need to make light design to each area of the home, configuration all sorts of lamps and lanterns.However, many friends are not clear, living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet...What brightness should the lights in these places be, or how many W's. (LED Home Light


    In this issue, the author will answer the question: how much is the reference value of lighting brightness in each area of home decoration?Take the commonly used LED lighting lamps as an example, the brightness reference values of each region of the home are as follows:

    Sitting room: 1 ㎡ takes about 1.7 W

    Kitchen: 1 ㎡ takes about 1.7 W

    Table chandelier: about an 8W lamp, if with a soft plate, add 5W.

    The lamp below the kitchen condole: 1m above, 2m below the work station, if you use the lamp belt or the lamp tube, then 1m, about 5W of power is enough, more than two meters can and so on. (LED Home Light

    Bedroom: compared with other rooms, the brightness requirement of the bedroom will be lower, 1 will need about 1W. (LED Home Light

    Bedside lamp: if you like reading in bed, you need a 5W bedside lamp. (LED Home Light

    Desk lamp/floor lamp: 5~10W. (LED Home Light

    Toilet: 1 you need about 1.7W. (LED Home Light

    PS: above is an example of LED light source. If you are using energy-saving lamps, please multiply the wattage by 2.If you're using an incandescent bulb, multiply the watts by 6.The above calculation is not accurate, but it can be used by most families. If you have a high brightness requirement, you can increase the amount by 30% on this basis. (LED Home Light

    Family decorates each area the light brightness reference value is introduced here, ask everybody according to oneself need to make choice and collocation.If the light is too dark, the basic lighting effect cannot be achieved.Too bright, it appears unscientific, unhealthy, not green. (LED Home Light