How To Buy LED Tube Lights, Brief Description Of Led Tube Light Purchasing Points

- Feb 14, 2019-

Core Tip: So, how do we buy LED tube lights?

Simply stated, LED tube lights are actually household lighting lamps(bedrooms, living rooms, balconies, etc.) in daily life, but their light sources are no longer traditional energy-saving light bulbs, but LED light sources are used instead. The choice of LED tube lamps is not as simple as traditional energy-saving lamps(incandescent lamps), so the factors considered are also different. So, how should we buy LED tube lamps?

LED tube light purchase point 1: radiator.

The speed of heat dissipation determines the degree of light decay and the length of service life of the LED tube lamp. The radiator is too small to allow high temperatures to accumulate inside the light source, and the lamp beads work at high temperatures for a long time, the light decay is very fast, and the service life is also very short. Therefore, when selecting an LED tube lamp, It is recommended that you better choose the shell made of aluminum, because the cooling coefficient of aluminum is relatively high, heat dissipation is also relatively fast, can ensure the normal lighting of LED tube lamps.

LED tube light purchase point 2: drive power supply.

The driving power supply is also called a transformer. The quality of the transformer also determines the life of the entire lamp. The use of the ball of light for more than 50,000 hours is no problem, but if the Transformer is broken, the entire lamp can not be turned on. The electronic components used in the Transformer and the design scheme determine the efficiency, power factor, stability, temperature appreciation, and service life of the Transformer. Therefore, when purchasing LED tube lamps, it is recommended that you prefer to choose wide voltage drive. In this way, the output current voltage can be guaranteed to be stable, and thus the security and stability of the LED tube lamp during use can be guaranteed.

LED tube light purchase point 3: ball quality.

In addition to considering the material and driving power supply, the purchase of LED tube lamps also has to consider the quality of the ball, the quality of the ball determines the lighting effect of the light, and the packaging process affects the quality of the ball, heat dissipation and other key factors. At present, the LED light ball chips sold on the market have domestic and imported, generally different brands, the price difference is large, the lighting effect is also different, it is recommended that you be cautious enough to buy.

Ps: Someone recently asked about the difference between a tube light and a light.

A: In general, the tube lamp is used for ordinary lighting. It requires the provision of ambient light. A tube lamp means a light down. The light is used to provide local lighting. It requires the provision of a local range of light for close-up lighting, increasing the amount of light protruding from an object or object(common shopping malls, clothing stores, mobile phone stores, etc.). In general, when many homes are decorated, small size cylindrical lights are used in the living room. The role is generally used as a wall washing lamp, increasing the luminosity of the living room wall, corridors or aisle balconies, etc.. The use of cylindrical lights is for ordinary lighting.