How To Choose The Number Of LED Lamp Tiles?

- Jul 25, 2018-

Street lamp engineering, including the urban main road, industrial park, township, viaduct and other street lamp renovation projects, how to choose the number of street lamp tiles?




Generally speaking, if you buy street lamp from street lamp manufacturer, you will have professional technicians to design the street lamp transformation scheme for you.

Technicians and salesmen of street lamp manufacturers have rich experience in the engineering application of street lamp.

The following methods are for reference only:



Test area


The test road is 15 meters wide, the street lamp is 10 meters high, the lamp arm is 1 meter high and the elevation Angle is 10 degrees. The street lamp is tested on one side.

The test area is 15mx30m, considering that narrow roads do not require high transverse lighting requirements for street lamps, and the data of 12mx30m in the application area are provided for road reference of different widths.



Test data


The data is the average value of three times. According to the results of the first and third times, the time span is 100 days



The uniformity of illumination was evaluated by optical pass, photoeffect and illumination


The calculation formula of optical effect is optical pass divided by input power


The formula for calculating the average illuminance x area


The luminance uniformity is the ratio of the minimum illumination to the maximum illumination of the measured points along the road



In the application of street lamp engineering, how many watts of street lamp should be installed on the road should be combined with the lighting effect of the manufacturer.

On the same road, manufacturer A can provide 100W LED lamps for lighting, while manufacturer B can provide lamps with 80W or lower watts.