How To Manage A City With A Screen? Look At These Cases And You Will See!

- Apr 12, 2019-

In the era of big data, a city also needs to use intelligent means for efficient operation and management. So what should it do?


Can a city be managed and directed in an orderly way with a single screen?

—— Yes, it's that simple! We call it the city operation center or the city management command center. Under the strategic driving force of building a smart city and the background of 5G era, it is a new means and trend of urban management to manage and command a city efficiently by using big data.

So, how does it work? Look at the real cases of operation command centers in the following cities, and you'll get some idea.

(Note: The operation centers of the following cities are all built by Shanghai Sansi.

Lishui, Zhejiang

Nearly 90_large data display screen remote control the whole city

Lishui, Zhejiang Province, known as "Zhejiang Green Valley", is the largest prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Zhejiang Province. It is the first batch of national demonstration zones for ecological protection and construction, national health cities (districts), national civilized cities, China's top ten dynamic leisure cities, beautiful landscape cities and so on. By the end of 2018, Lishui City had a registered population of 270.19 million, with a total annual GDP of 139.467 billion yuan, an increase of 8.2% at comparable prices, ranking first among 11 cities in the province.

For a multi-ethnic area with vast territory and abundant natural resources, it is not easy to achieve efficient and orderly management of a city. However, among 293 prefecture-level cities in the country, Lishui, Zhejiang Province, has taken the lead in using intelligent means for urban operation and management, and has been in the forefront of cities at the same level in the country.

Sansi Lishui City Management Command Center

This set of intelligent urban operation and management means of Lishui City is the Lishui City Management Command Center, which integrates the functions of big data operation, urban planning, comprehensive management and emergency coordination command. The platform of cross-level, cross-regional, cross-system, cross-department and cross-business coordination management and service with high integration of technology, business and data provides the number of urban managers. According to resources and decision-making basis. This is the "brain" and "center" of urban management in Lishui, which greatly improves the efficiency of urban operation and management, the efficiency of department coordination and management level, and creates a wise, safe and efficient beautiful landscape.

The LED display screen and system used in Lishui City Management Command Center are provided by Shanghai Sansi. Next, we will understand how the LED display screen and system used in the city management command center can help Lishui achieve intelligent management.

01/ Using Sansi P1.25 Small Spacing Display Screen

Lishui City Management Command Center is located in the skirt building of Lishui Unicom Company Building 1-3 and the fourth floor of the main building. Its main facilities are distributed in the skirt building, covering an area of 360 feet. It is divided into working area, business area, exhibition area, media reception area and so on.

The LED display system on the second and third floors adopts 81/8.1 of Shanghai Sansi VT series P1.25 small spacing screen, which is a high-quality small spacing product. With its rock-solid stability and excellent display performance, it has been widely used in many urban operation centers in China.

Sansi Small Spacing Screen has been used in many high-end projects such as Xichang Satellite Launch Base.

The 81_small spacing LED display of P1.25 on the spot enables managers to obtain excellent visual effect. It is a huge arc, fashionable and beautiful, and has a wide perspective. At the same time, it has the technology of high brightness and low gray, which can reduce the brightness of the screen and obtain a clear picture quality.

Different from traditional small-spacing display, it adopts distributed multi-core CPU architecture, each module is equipped with a CPU processor, which is more than 8 times more efficient than the traditional small-spacing display. Built-in intelligent monitoring software can automatically detect the running status, such as temperature, brightness, controller, running time, signal status, etc., data self-storage, convenient for users to monitor and check. Malfunction.

02/Integrated System Helps All-round Operation

Shanghai Sansi also customized the central control management system according to the needs of the platform, centralized control of display screens and splicing processors, to achieve multi-plan extension management, one-button switching; second floor, third floor, fourth floor, multi-hall linkage, all equipment unified management, unified deployment, to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the whole system.

The distributed splicing processor used in this project allows the input and output nodes to be geographically dispersed and the pressure to be distributed to each processing unit. It can realize the real-time processing and display of massive signals, share and centralize the management of multiple signals, and the system has high stability, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.

Sansi Lishui City Management Command Center

At the same time, it also carries KVM seating cooperative management system to solve the problem of information (data) security of command center and isolation of seats. Support multi-user login, rich rights allocation and recovery management functions, a computer, a set of keyboard and mouse can quickly operate, WYSIWYG.

Thanks to the KVM seating cooperative management system, any computer on duty here can control any host in the control system and upload the collected information to the screen.

03/Big Data Applied to Urban Management

After the completion of Lishui City Management Command Center, through the application of large data to improve the level and ability of trend prediction, visually display three-dimensional field and environmental information and prediction simulation, provide intuitive and accurate information for the formulation of emergency command plan, and make emergency prevention and control in Post-disposal to pre-warning transfer.

Sansi Lishui City Management Command Center

It also integrates government data, Internet data, Internet of things data, geographic data and other information, utilizes advanced technologies such as cloud computing and big data, and combines visualization capabilities, mainly from the aspects of city profile, human settlements environment, public security, urban management, etc., to display the overall operation status of Lishui comprehensively, clearly and completely, so as to provide rapid decision-making and processing for urban managers. All kinds of urban affairs help.

Front Banner of Etok, Inner Mongolia

Predictive simulation and precise monitoring of small spacing LED display

Sansi Inner Mongolia City Comprehensive Operation Center Project

The application of big data in the city comprehensive operation center of Etok Qianqi in Inner Mongolia has improved the trend prediction level and ability of the center. By visually displaying three-dimensional field and environmental information and forecasting simulation, it can provide intuitive and accurate information for the formulation of emergency command plan and make the emergency prevention and control transfer from Post-disposal to pre-warning.

Sansi Inner Mongolia City Comprehensive Operation Center Project

Shengze, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

Omni-directional perception, real-time control of the whole city

Sansi Suzhou Shengze IOC Operational Command Center Project

Suzhou Shengze IOC Operational Command Center perceives and presents the status quo of urban development in an all-round way, forms a map of urban management of the whole town, grasps the economic and environmental situation of urban and rural areas in real time, realizes panoramic monitoring of security incidents, unifies the application system portal of the whole town, and achieves system-wide control and command.

Lanzhou, Gansu

Large Data Monitoring for LED Large Screen Publishing

Sansi Lanzhou IOC Operational Command Center Project

By integrating government data, Internet data, Internet of things data, geographic data and other information, using advanced technologies such as cloud computing and big data, combined with visualization capabilities, Lanzhou New Area New Smart City Operating Center mainly focuses on the overall situation of the new area, economic innovation, human settlements environment, people's well-being, party and government justice, public security and urban management. The running state is displayed comprehensively, clearly and completely.

Wuzhong City, Ningxia

LED Wisdom City Management and Convenient Service

Sansi Wuzhong City Operating Center Project

Through the large screen display, the Ningxia Wuzhong City Operating Center can learn about the construction and operation of Smart City Management, Smart Map Control, Smart Heating, Snow Bright Project, Precise Poverty Alleviation Information, 12345 Convenient Service Platform, Integrated Service Platform for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Agricultural Products Market Monitoring System, Agricultural Production Atmosphere Meteorological Information, Traceability System of Agricultural Product Quality and Safety.