How To Mark The Technical Parameters Of LED Lamp When Lighting Design?

- Jun 19, 2018-

How to mark the technical parameters of LED lamp when lighting design? (LED Bulb)

Answer: in order to meet the needs of the project, the LED lamp should at least be marked with the following parameters: (LED Bulb)

Pe rated power -- the parameters necessary to calculate LPD value; (LED Bulb)

Rated input voltage Ue -- important technical index; (LED Bulb)

Rated input frequency f -- important technical indicators; (LED Bulb)

Optical flux - key parameters necessary for illumination calculation; (LED Bulb)

Related color temperature Tk -- technical parameters related to site color and blue light; (LED Bulb)

General color rendering index Ra -- important parameters required for the site; (LED Bulb)

Special color rendering index R9 -- important parameters required for the site; (LED Bulb)

Protection level IP -- very important parameters necessary for outdoor, humid and dusty places; (LED Bulb)

Stroboscopic ratio or stroboscopic index -- high requirements for visual operations, high requirements for high definition TV transmission, etc. (LED Bulb)

Life expectancy -- economic indicators. (LED Bulb)

The above parameters are the basic requirements, and users can adjust them according to the specific project (such as the ambient temperature) to meet the needs of the project. (LED Bulb)