Ten matters needing attention in interior lighting design

- Jun 24, 2018-

    "God said there was light, and there was light."

    The function of illumination, whether natural light or indoor lighting, is very important to people's life.

In modern interior decoration design, light is not only the condition of indoor lighting, but also the basic element to express the space form and create the environment atmosphere. (LED Tube)

    If there is no proper lighting, even if the interior decoration is elegant, it can only be a waste of space, "there is no space without light". (LED Tube)

    So what should interior lighting design pay attention to?

    Modern architectural decoration not only pays attention to the elements of interior space, but also pays more attention to the aesthetic effect of lighting on indoor and outdoor environment and the psychological effect. (LED Tube)

    Accordingly, lamplight illume is continuative natural light not only, use the collocation of bright and dark adequately in building adornment however, the combination of light and shadow creates a kind of comfortable, beautiful illumination environment. (LED Tube)

    So, people decorate the lamp act the role of a role ofing to indoor more and more attention.

    In decoration, depending on the required illuminance architectural interior space environment, should choose correct way of lighting and lamps and lanterns type to provide people with good light conditions, so people in the building interior space environment can get the best visual effect, also can get some sort of atmosphere and artistic conception, enhance its architectural interior space performance effect and aesthetic feelings.

 (LED Tube)

    There are four requirements for interior lighting design:

1. Security;

2. Functionality;

3. Artistic;

4. Economy.


    Refers to the installation and selection of lines, switches, lamps and power distribution, etc., which require reliable safety measures; (LED Tube)


    Function is to point to, the use function in different type building is different, it needs to press the user on physiology demand, will choose different lamps and lanterns and illuminance.

As we read and rest in the light is not the same. (LED Tube)

    It according to the visual health level in domestic and international recommended the application of places and activities in the form of illuminance standard, have the brightness distribution values to the workplace, there are all kinds of glare rating, a stroboscopic effect research data, etc., for our query. (LED Tube)


    Artistic quality is to point to, use all sorts of different illume gimmick and colour can produce all sorts of different psychological effect. (LED Tube)

The display of various shapes and the three-dimensional sense, the depth and different architectural styles all need to produce different effects through the lighting design.

 (LED Tube)


    Economy refers to the use of advanced technology, give full play to the lighting effect, as far as possible, get larger lighting effect, with less investment and guarantee lighting product whole life cycle of the overall economy. (LED Tube)

    According to the above four disciplines, the author lists ten matters needing attention, and briefly describes how to choose the right lamps and lanterns for friends' reference. (LED Tube)

    These 10 techniques can solve the problem of general indoor lighting in decoration, in order to meet all the needs of users and provide an effective working environment: 

    Human vision relies heavily on the brightness of the surrounding horizon.

    As the brightness of the environment increases, so does human motivation and overall vision, and the likelihood of errors.

2. Soft lighting distributed on different indoor surfaces can provide space comfort. (LED Tube)

    On the contrary, improper or excessive lighting will cause visual damage and fatigue. (LED Tube)

3. Proper reflection control can protect vision.

    Although the reflection does not cause the vision to ring, but may cause the vision stimulation and the injury. (LED Tube)

4. Good brightness contrast enables the eyes to distinguish the object from the background.

    In a lighting system, good brightness contrast does not cause strong reflective glare and provides a comfortable visual environment. (LED Tube)

5. The direction and position of the lamp projection is very important.

    It also affects the distribution of light and shadow. (LED Tube)

6. Shadows can enhance the sense of visual depth and provide the function of guidance.

    Effective combination of scattered light and direct light can produce good shadow state. (LED Tube)

7. Choose the appropriate color temperature -- the color temperature of the natural light source will change during the day.

    Therefore, artificial light source can choose and adjust different color temperature to create different lighting function and situation. (LED Tube)

8. Good color rendering index.

    Color rendering index is a measure of the color reduction ability of artificial light source to represent the natural color of an object. (LED Tube)

    For the interior with design sense and rich display, the color rendering ability of light source is particularly important. (LED Tube)

    Light can affect people's moods and feelings.

    The perception of indoor and lighting is subjective and unconscious.

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the importance of workplace lighting environment to work efficiency, mood and happiness. (LED Tube)

10. The basic requirements of modern lamps and lanterns and lighting design are energy conservation and environmental protection. (LED Tube)

    Energy saving, environmental protection and health are the basic purposes of green lighting.

    In 1991, the United States environmental protection agency (epa) advocated green lighting, which has been popularized all over the world, deeply rooted in people's hearts, and has a profound impact on lighting design. (LED Tube)

    At present, there are many solutions for the installation of lamps and lanterns, as well as the reconstruction and reorganization of the old inefficient system. (LED Tube)