How To Promote The Development Of Landscape Lighting At Night Tour Economy And Lighting Festival?

- Jul 18, 2018-

According to the data, the total investment in urban landscape lighting promotion and urban construction in the next 10 years is expected to exceed trillion. The investment and construction of "urban lighting" has become the tuyere of the joint development of government and enterprise.

At present, the combination of tourism economy, night travel economy, creative economy and night scene lighting not only expands domestic demand, but also enriches the life of the citizens and improves the reputation of the city. However, at present, there are some problems in the night tour economy in China, such as the lack of planning ideas, and the imperfect management system of nightscape lighting. In the afternoon of July 13th, Guangdong south network energy lighting Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Research Institute) hand in hand to the Shanghai City capacity landscape affairs center, aiming at the staff of the relevant management departments of Shanghai District, with the theme of "lighting Festival" and "night travel economy", the new phase of the "lighthouse program" in Shanghai is launched in Shanghai. The conference on Ming Engineering Management and technical training was strongly supported by Guangzhou City Lighting Association. A total of more than thirty people in Shanghai were involved in the management.

Fang Yi, the deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Center for landscape affairs, first delivered a speech. Fang said that the training activities held by the Institute provided the opportunity for the related people to learn and exchange, which was of great significance. I hope to further strengthen cooperation with the Institute next year, and raise the level of industry knowledge of the responsible personnel of lighting construction in different districts. Chen Weiwei, senior engineer of Shanghai city landscape affairs center, presided over this training conference.

Zuo: vice director of Shanghai landscape and landscape affairs center, Fang Wei, Chen Wei Wei, senior engineer of Shanghai landscape and landscape affairs center.

Luo Xueqing, Cheng Yu, Huang Zhihui, Xie Yu and other four lecturers of the South Network light and Asian Lighting Research Institute, respectively, on the design, case analysis and layout planning of the domestic night tour, summarize the night view planning, lighting project design, implementation and engineering experience of the urban area in China, through the analysis of the advanced domestic night tour economy and lighting design. This paper explores the development mode of night travel economy and nightscape lighting project in China.

Luo Xueqing, the lecturer of the Guangya Lighting Research Institute of South network, started the opening speech to share the theme of "how the projection technology and the art of new media are applied to landscape lighting". Luo Xueqing elaborated from four aspects: projection product development technology, new media installation art, how to apply to landscape lighting and related case analysis.

With the continuous improvement of the scientific level, new media technology has been more and more widely used in urban landscape lighting through its new way of thinking and operation. And the new media art is the perfect combination of science and technology, through the digital synthetic technology virtual reality and the reconstruction of the world, emphasis on interaction, mining the potential aesthetic value, and add a bright color for the development of the city. "The current outdoor new media art devices are mainly based on 3D Mapping projection, water curtain holographic projection, ground interaction projection, body interaction fountain, light, and orbit mirror projection and tracking system." Luo Xueqing said.

"3DMapping projection technology, as a new medium, has been widely used in recent years. Through the combination of customized special images and projection geometric correction and fusion technology, people present a feast of 3D light and shadow with great creative thinking and visual shock." Luo Xueqing went on to introduce it. I also show you the concrete application cases of many new media art in landscape lighting.

The past landscape lighting is more a one-way way of communication. The application of new media art in landscape lighting will make interaction and experience become the trend of future development, and it will also make it easier for the public to understand and accept.

Zuo: Luo Xueqing, lecturer of Guangya Lighting Research Institute of south net, lecturer Cheng Yu, Guangnan lighting Institute.

Subsequently, the lecturer of the southern Guangya Lighting Research Institute, Cheng Yu, shared the theme of "protecting the dark sky - the cooperation and support of urban landscape lighting products". A study of "blue light at night will increase the risk of prostate cancer or breast cancer" is cited. It shows that with the gradual improvement of living standards, people's requirements for lighting environment and health are increasing, and people based on the people-oriented lighting concept has gradually become the direction of the development of lighting industry.

In recent years, the development of night scene lighting is in full swing. But in the process of development, the problem of light pollution has been affecting people's life. The development of urban lighting should reduce the negative interference to the ecological environment of the night scene. "Few and fine, not too bright", "subregion", "dark beauty" and "time control" are five important points in landscape lighting planning. Landscape lighting is not the more the better, the brighter and more beautiful, and should be combined with the urban development planning, the subregion has a step to implement, the dark place is dark, the bright place is bright. In time, we must also do well in controlling, paying attention to environmental protection and energy conservation, and achieving sustainable development. You can share it with Yu.

Talking about the city night scene lighting product coordination, Cheng Yu should pay attention to the color temperature control and brightness control. From the building function and regional distribution characteristics, the lighting effect that is to be expressed at night is planned from the color temperature change, so that the lighting design of the whole project is formed into overall coordination, distinctive features and color temperature combination. The effect of reason. In addition, Cheng Yu also shows you the whole process of lighting scheme design and implementation through practical cases.

Immediately after that, Huang Zhihui, lecturer of Guangya Lighting Research Institute of South network, began to share the theme of "operation and operation of the lighting show". The operation and promotion mode of Guangzhou International Lighting Festival is taken as an example.

According to Guangzhou's "12th Five-Year plan" and the guiding ideology of "command Guangzhou, low carbon Guangzhou and happy Guangzhou", Guangzhou International Light Festival came into being. "Since the first beginning of 2011, the Guangzhou International Lighting Festival has become an art exchange platform for Chinese and foreign designers, also the largest brand of Light Festival in China, and the three largest lighting festival in the world with the Lyon Light Festival and the Sydney lighting Festival." As Huang Zhihui said.

Speaking of the operation mode of the Guangzhou International Lighting Festival, Huang Zhihui said: "since 2012, we have been taking the" government set up, the enterprise singing play "model, that is, the Guangzhou municipal government as the organizer of the activities, the enterprise as an undertaking unit, by the contractors through the market operation, independently raise the operating funds. Through 6 years of cultivation, Guangzhou International Lighting Festival has a complete set of commercial operation mode, through the opening ceremony, work display, forum, closing ceremony, outdoor publicity and other plates, to carry out commercial cooperation, not only to ensure the effect of the lighting Festival, but also to ensure the sustainable development of the lighting Festival.

So far, the Guangzhou International Lighting Festival is shouldering the social responsibility of spreading the culture of Guangfu and promoting the local feelings, as well as the role of popularizing innovative thinking and advanced science and technology for the citizens. "UNESCO selected the Guangzhou international lighting into the 2015" international light year "large-scale cultural activities, and made a special recommendation in the" international light year "official website. During the 7 years, more than 52 million tourists were attracted to visit, and the number of visitors to the International Festival of lighting festival was the most successful. Huang Zhihui said.

Zuo: Huang Zhihui, lecturer of Guangya Lighting Research Institute of south net, lecturer of Guangya Lighting Research Institute,.

Finally, Xie Yu, lecturer at Guangya Lighting Research Institute, spoke on the theme of "the application of multimedia lighting products and outdoor effects lamps and lanterns".

Outdoor special effects lighting features intelligent control, editable content, strong interaction and diverse performance. The main manifestations are the headlights, human light interaction, image effect lights, large area special effect laser, laser performance, water screen film, ground interaction projection, building 3D projection, interactive lighting show, water curtain laser, interactive lighting device, picture shadow lamp, creative big picture media light. Xie Yu said, and showed the specific application cases one by one.

In addition, Xie Yu also introduced the application of outdoor special lighting products in lighting Festival, commercial complex project, comprehensive tourist scenic area, bright night tour project, water dance sound and light multimedia comprehensive show, characteristic town lamp and so on.

So far, this lighting project management and technical training has come to a successful conclusion. Through the training activities held by the Institute, a platform for communication and communication between urban lighting management departments and lighting engineering enterprises has been set up, which has a positive impact on the sustainable development of urban landscape lighting.

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