HUAWEI's First Choice Brand: Shanghai San Si Was Selected, A Total Of HiLink Ecology.

- Jun 28, 2018-

In June 22, 2018, the DigiX2018 HUAWEI terminal, the global partnership and the developer conference held in Beijing, and the HUAWEI and Shanghai San Si partners together. The theme of "opening & innovation" was focused on the dimensions of full connection, intelligence and globalization, including the ecological strategy, the "core - end - cloud" synergy, The full scene high quality digital life experience and so on. At the site of the conference, HUAWEI launched a brand new smart home brand, HUAWEI smart, which aims to provide consumers with more quality and experience intelligent home products through the closer cooperation of HUAWEI HiLinK ecology and partners.——LED intelligent lighting

In the opening speech, Yu Chengdong, the managing director of HUAWEI consumer BG CEO and HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd., said that over the past seven years, HUAWEI's consumer business has made great progress. In the product layout, the full scene hardware breakthrough of three cycles of ecologic, encircling users and seamless experience has been realized. In terms of content services, HUAWEI also achieved a breakthrough in natural interaction, direct service and revolutionary experience.——LED intelligent lighting

In terms of artificial intelligence, HUAWEI has made efforts in automobile, family, office and sports. In 2017, HUAWEI's R & D investment was 10 billion 400 million euros, and the world was ranked sixth in the world. The GPU Turbo soft and hard collaborative graphics acceleration technology, which was recently released, was one of its remarkable achievements. In connection with the developer, HUAWEI is open to its "cloud - end - core" service platform, application capability platform and chip capability platform. Through the implementation of the ark plan and star project, a more open connection mode of enterprise and developer can be realized, so as to achieve the purpose of opening full scene intelligent life.——LED intelligent lighting

On HUAWEI's open ecology, Zhang Pingan, President of HUAWEI's BG cloud services, said that digitalization is changing our lives, and the mobile phone has become an important carrier of the digital world and the physical world, and the layout of HUAWEI in artificial intelligence makes this digital life more intelligent. HUAWEI will continue to build a full field of innovative digital services, and fully open the "cloud - end - core" capability to converge the innovation of global developers to achieve the purpose of accelerating the intelligence of the digital world. The HUAWEI smart home was also released at the conference. HUAWEI and its partners founded HUAWEI's smart choice, focusing on brand, quality and experience. HUAWEI will fully participate in the product's functional definition, ID design, quality management, APP consensus experience, and technical support, and will have shorter IoT access time and have shorter authentication time.——LED intelligent lighting

Smart lamps and lanterns are the first choice of consumers' families, so the products of HUAWEI's first choice are related to lamps and lanterns. And the color bubble lamp, developed by Shanghai San Si, has become the first batch of smart home products issued by HUAWEI smart brand with excellent product experience and excellent product quality. It is reported that the intelligent bulb lamp can connect the HUAWEI smart home, realize the cold and warm color temperature of the mobile phone, adjust the about 16000000 colors, support a variety of situational modes, and have remote control functions. It is called "the best light bulb". It is a typical representative of the new ecosystem in the smart home.——LED intelligent lighting

Companies that can participate in HUAWEI smart brand are the best in the field of smart home products. According to HUAWEI consumer BG general manager of smart home area, "brand, quality, experience" is HUAWEI's three choice. Taking Shanghai Sam as an example, it is a well-known LED manufacturer in the industry. The Zhuzhuo bridge in the world's super project has adopted Shanghai S3's "black technology", including more than 27000 sets of LED lighting products, more than 900 LED variable intelligence boards and various LED traffic control signs. This time brings the cutting-edge technology and quality products to the HiLinK ecosystem, and it also forms the potential of HUAWEI's brand value superposition.——LED intelligent lighting

At present, with the accelerated intelligence of household appliances, smart home with smart appliances as the interactive interface has become a hot concept in the appliance industry. However, due to the lack of industry standards, the incompatibility of platform interfaces and the obstruction of intelligent single product Unicom, the domestic smart home ecosystem has made slow progress.——LED intelligent lighting

HUAWEI HiLink ecology, through the overall layout of the leading advantages of cloud, end, edge and core, keeps hand in hand with excellent developers, hardware manufacturers, service providers and other partners, accelerating the development of smart home from single product intelligence to group intelligence.——LED intelligent lighting

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