Hung Lee Zhi Hui Net Profit In The First Three Quarters Of 353 Million, An Increase Of 36% Over The Same Period

- Oct 22, 2018-

On October 23, Hongli Zhihui released its third quarter report for 2018, with its operating income of 2.938 billion yuan from January to September, 2018, up 13.89 percent from a year earlier; the optical and optoelectronic industry has disclosed an average growth rate of operating income of 25.39 percent for each stock reported in the third quarter; the net profit of shareholders of listed companies was 353 million yuan, up 35.84 percent from a year earlier; and the optical and optoelectronic industry. It has been disclosed that the average net profit growth rate of three quarterly stocks is 29.18%, and the earnings per share of the company are 0.49 yuan.——LED chip

The company said that 1, the company's business scale continues to develop, the main business has maintained a stable growth; 2, the company strengthens the internal lean production management, Jiangxi LED packaging production base capacity scale and capacity utilization ratio compared with the same period last year, at the same time, the product structure has been strategically adjusted to introduce new products, to mention The gross profit level is higher than the proportion of products. The gross profit margin of the company's main business was higher than that of the same period last year.——LED chip

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