In 2018,China's 500 Most Valuable Brands Was Released, And The 3 Major Lighting Brands Were Selected.

- Jun 26, 2018-

On the 20 day, World Brand Lab released the analysis report of China's 500 most valuable brand in Beijing in 2018. In the annual report based on financial data, brand strength and consumer behavior analysis, the national grid (406 billion 569 million yuan), Tencent (402 billion 845 million yuan), Haier (350 billion 278 million yuan), industrial and Commercial Bank (334 billion 561 million yuan), and China Life (325 billion 372 million yuan) occupy the top five of the list in turn.——LED lighting

It is understood that the world brand laboratory for China's brand report has been fifteenth years, the threshold for 2004 is only 500 million yuan, the average value of the first 500 brands is 4 billion 943 million yuan. 15 years later, in 2018, the threshold was raised to 2 billion 352 million yuan, while the average value of the top 500 brands was as high as 36 billion 892 million yuan, an increase of 646.35%.——LED lighting

In this year "China's 500 most valuable brand" list, there are 25 related brands from food and beverage, textile and clothing, cultural media, information technology, household appliances and so on. Among them, the lighting industry includes NVC, OPPLE lighting and FSL's 3 brands.——LED lighting


The report shows that NVC's brand value in 2018 was 25 billion 766 million yuan, up 24.56% from last year's 20 billion 685 million yuan, and the total ranking rose from 186 to 182 last year. It was the first in the lighting industry for seven years.——LED lighting

OPPLE lighting

This is OPPLE lighting second times to the list, last year with 14 billion 641 million yuan of brand value ranked 268th, and this year's ranking dropped to 273rd, but its brand value has risen to 18 billion 12 million yuan. Since its debut in August 2016, OPPLE lighting has achieved steady results, and its total profit in 2017 has exceeded 800 million.——LED lighting


As an old lighting enterprise, FSL has also been honored as "China's 500 most valuable brand" several times. Last year, the brand value of 11 billion 932 million yuan ranked 317th place, and this year its brand value has risen from last year, up to 12 billion 489 million yuan, but the ranking slipped to 328th.——LED lighting

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