In 2018, Nearly 10,000 Upright Poles Were Pulled Out. What Can We Learn From Shanghai's Multi-pole Integration

- Jan 21, 2019-

In March 2018, the Shanghai Municipal Government held a joint conference on overhead line regulation and management, which marked the official start of the city's overhead line regulation work. By the end of the year, we will complete the entry of 100 kilometers of overhead road lines to the ground, and simultaneously carry out the phased renovation goal of joint pole renovation, focusing on key areas in the inner ring, important roads and the periphery of China International Import Expo venues. Since then, Shanghai has begun a cosmetic operation on the streets of the city.——LED Street Light

Open information shows that since the 1990s, Shanghai has begun to implement overhead line landing and renovation. Over the past 20 years, 600 kilometers of overhead lines have been completed and 231 kilometers have been completed in the inner ring. However, since 2011, the work has been basically at a standstill stage. Up to now, about 71% of the 897 km long roads in the inner ring of Shanghai have overhead lines.——LED Street Light

In addition, the density of various vertical poles in the central urban area of Shanghai is large, numerous, miscellaneous, and chaotic. Especially at road intersections, the average number of rods is as high as 27, which seriously reduces pedestrian traffic and seriously affects the appearance of the city.——LED Street Light

Faced with such a situation, the Shanghai Municipal Government launched a rapid action. After 10 months of renovation, the streets have been renewed and achieved the effect of "line clearance, pole closure and scenery".——LED Street Light

Initial results of Shanghai consolidation action in 2018

According to the information recently released by the Shanghai Municipal Government, the ground entry and pole closure of Shanghai road overhead lines were successfully completed in 2018. The details are as follows:——LED Street Light

1. The city has completed the grounding and closing of 116 kilometres of overhead road lines and pulled out more than 9800 vertical poles (2601 electric poles).

2. Remove 168 km overhead power lines and 263 transformers on poles. Install and complete 61 switching stations, 47 distribution stations and 80 box transformers.

3. Completion of 45 km road pole closure renovation, the average reduction rate reached 68%.

Contrast chart before and after renovation

From the effect point of view, Shanghai's renovation action has achieved a good demonstration throughout the country, and is the embodiment of the fine management of the city. In order to further understand Shanghai's experience in road joint construction, not long ago, the Aladdin News Center visited the Shanghai Municipal Integrated Management Services Center and exchanged views with the relevant persons in charge of the Lighting Management Section. It not only talks about the experience of Shanghai in the construction of road closure poles, but also talks about the process of Shanghai's exploration of smart light pole pilot and the thinking of operation mode.——LED Street Light

Shanghai Urban Integrated Management Services Center is a subordinate unit of Shanghai Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Management Committee. There are five internal organizations. The Road and Public Area Lighting Management Section is one of them. There are more than 700 people to manage street lights in the whole city. Before 2016, all the street lights in Shanghai were managed by Shanghai Electric Power Company on behalf of the government. From March 2016, Shanghai began to adjust the management system of road lighting. The Shanghai Housing Urban and Rural Construction Management Committee acted as the administrative department of road lighting in Shanghai, and its municipal integrated management service center acted as the administrative agency, undertaking the urban expressway and municipal management of the whole city. Highway and Huangpu, Jing'an, Changning, Xuhui, Yangpu, Hongkou, Putuo, Baoshan and Minhang districts are responsible for the construction and maintenance of urban roads and highway lighting facilities.——LED Street Light

According to statistics, there are about 750,000 street lamps in Shanghai. About 550,000 are under the jurisdiction of the Shanghai Municipal Housing and Construction Commission, while the remaining 200,000 are under the management of other relevant departments. There are 16 districts in Shanghai. Among them, Songjiang, Qingpu, Jiading, Jinshan, Fengxian, Chongming Construction Management Committee and Pudong New District Environmental Protection Municipal Appearance Bureau are the administrative departments of road lighting. The number of street lamps they manage is about 300,000. Shanghai Municipal Integrated Management Services Center manages 250,000 street lamps, including urban expressways and municipal highways, as well as Huangpu, Jingan, Changning, Xuhui, Yangpu, Hongkou, Putuo, Baoshan and Minhang districts.——LED Street Light

Shanghai's Exploration and Practice in the Development of Smart Light Poles

"As early as 2015, Shanghai made a pilot project on Dagu Road, and set up 15 intelligent street lamps. Among them, there are two full-functional ones. The other poles have different functions according to different needs. At that time, a smart lamp pole management platform was built, but because of the functions carried on the pole and whether it was connected to the corresponding functional departments to play its role, the data information of most equipments carried on the platform was useless to the street lamp management department, resulting in a very low practical application rate. The relevant person in charge of the lighting management department said. "If the lamp pole is compared to a house, then the street lamp management department is the landlord, responsible for renting out the poles, and the operation and maintenance of the specific facilities are the responsibility of the respective departments of equipment management. Then the platform should be built according to the actual needs of the management department. For the Department of management and maintenance of poles, the construction of the platform focuses on the management of poles. For example, the pole is equipped with several cameras, and there are no reserved positions on the poles; the public security needs to install new probes, whether there is a location for him to install? And so on, information can be seen at a glance on the platform, which is the need of the management and maintenance of poles department. For the public security, his platform needs are different, for the control and management of the probe and the acquisition of data on the probe is the focus.——LED Street Light

After completing the pilot project of Dagu Road in Shanghai, on the basis of summing up the experience, Shanghai has further thought and discussed how to develop the next intelligent lamp pole.

In 2016, it coincided with the reform of street lamp management system, which transferred its management responsibilities from Shanghai Electric Power Company to Shanghai Housing and Construction Commission. The government paid more attention to the energy-saving, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization benefits of street lamp, thus further deepening the study of intelligent lamp pole, including the pre-operation mode and the post-operation management and maintenance of equipment. Generally speaking, the mode of franchising is a better idea at present. The person in charge believes that there are many equipments on the lamp pole, and the later management and maintenance is a very big problem. "Everywhere is vigorously under construction, how to maintain it for a long time after completion? This is a special consideration. We must adjust measures to local conditions and invest so much money in the early stage, whether it has played its due role, whether it has brought its greatest benefits into play? It can not be said that because of building in a fashionable and trendy way, it will be impossible to put it there once it is completed."——LED Street Light

In 2017, the pilot construction of smart lamp pole gradually rose throughout the country, and Shanghai has been considering the next development direction of smart lamp pole.——LED Street Light

Empirical Model of Shanghai Multi-pole Unity Work

By 2018, the Shanghai Municipal Government, in order to strengthen the refinement of urban management, combined with the opportunity to host the Expo, carried out overhead line landing and pole consolidation work. In order to smoothly promote the work of overhead line landing and pole consolidation, in March 2018, the Shanghai Municipal Government set up a joint conference on overhead line consolidation and management, with Vice Mayor Shi Hui as the general convenor and an office (headquarters) under the joint conference, which is set up in the Shanghai Housing Urban and Rural Construction Management Committee and is responsible for daily work. The joint meeting covers 15 departments, deputy heads of 16 districts, and relevant heads of 7 enterprises, such as Guofang Shanghai Electric Power Company.——LED Street Light

Combined with the Technical Guidelines for Shanghai Road Joint Pole Renovation (Trial Implementation), under the unified and coordinated command of the headquarters, the Shanghai Urban Integrated Management Services Center is responsible for the joint pole renovation of the existing roads in the central urban area, while the suburban street lamp management agencies are responsible for the corresponding responsibilities. According to the criterion of conformity, all the facilities carried on the road poles are integrated into one pole after improvement, on the premise of meeting the requirements of safety, beauty and function. In addition, considering the development of intelligence, the top and middle parts of each lamp pole have reserved interfaces for the expansion of intelligent facilities such as face recognition, environmental monitoring and Internet of Things communications.——LED Street Light

"Urban management should be as elaborate as embroidery. In the process of renovation in Shanghai, according to the principle of"one road, one pole, one pole, one pole", where each new pole stands and which facilities are hung have been calculated carefully, and comprehensive construction should be carried out with full consideration of the needs of various departments to achieve fine management." The person in charge said.——LED Street Light

Of course, in the process of promoting the work of Shanghai road pole-closing renovation, difficulties are unavoidable. The equipment on the new pole was removed after the old pole was removed. It is very difficult to ensure the normal operation of all kinds of equipment on the old pole in the process of migration. In addition, due to the limited underground space, the existing pipelines are also very complex, resulting in more difficult construction. However, with the coordination and cooperation of various departments, the difficulties in this battle have been solved one by one.——LED Street Light

With the spider-web-like overhead line over the road gradually entering the ground, the various road brand names, signal lights and other poles on the road are gradually merged. In 2018, as the first year of Shanghai's three-year plan of action, overhead line landing and pole closing renovation work launched a headgun. After pulling out nearly 10,000 poles, Shanghai has taken on a new look. According to the plan, by 2020, Shanghai will have completed the grounding and pole closure of 470 kilometers of overhead roads in key areas, main and secondary roads in Inner ring, style roads and main roads between inner and outer rings. The grounding rate of overhead lines in inner ring will be increased from 29% to 62%, and the pole reduction of the renovation section will be 50%.——LED Street Light