In 2018, The Market For Plant Lighting Reached 6 Billion 200 Million, And The Lighting Enterprise Alone Is Hard To Achieve.

- Jul 10, 2018-

LED plant lighting is the product of interdisciplinary and organic combination of biological, biological and environmental engineering, LED lighting and intelligent control technology. Since 2013, the output value of the global LED application plant lighting has been growing rapidly. As a new market, plant lighting has led to a large number of international giants.——LED Growth lamp

According to data from LED Research Institute (GGII), the global market for plant lighting in 2017 was 4 billion 600 million yuan, up 62% over the same period last year. As domestic and foreign LED giants, business giants and other companies began to actively layout LED plant lighting factory, plant lighting will usher in rapid development. GGII predicts that the global LED plant lighting system market scale and plant lighting market will reach 6 billion 200 million yuan and 1 billion 700 million yuan in 2018.——LED Growth lamp

Who is doing it?

As a big emerging market in the post lighting market, plant lighting is not competitive because of its high technical threshold. Moreover, the plant lighting market is currently in the breeding stage, and there will be great room for development in the future. Therefore, plant lighting is considered to be a big niche market for LED industry, and enterprises are competing for layout.——LED Growth lamp

Xin Nuo Fei, as the leader of the global lighting industry, has achieved good results in the field of LED plant lighting. Recently, Xin Nuo Fei also helped Russia's fresh vegetable growing company Agro-Inwest expand its capacity. In 2017, Xin Nuo Fei and Agro-Inwest launched the world's largest LED horticultural lighting project. The scale of the project shows the leadership of Xin Nuo Fei in the field of horticultural lighting.——LED Growth lamp

OSRAM is also in the leading position in the plant lighting industry. OSRAM is trying to build a "Big Mac" in the field of plant lighting through its continuous acquisition of international quality related assets and its great advantages in the light of light sources. Recently, OSRAM has provided a batch of specially customized interconnected plant lighting research system Phytofy RL for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). This can reflect the absolute superiority of OSRAM in this field.——LED Growth lamp

Of course, Samsung, CREE and so on are also active layout, and launched the corresponding systems and products. Apart from these international giants, we focus on China. As China's plant lighting industry chain develops more mature countries, what companies are in the layout?

San an Optoelectronics in the field of plant lighting in the country should be "outstanding." In 2016, it has built a 60 thousand square meter plant factory and plans to build 500 thousand square meters plant factory in the future. This plant factory combines the LED technology of the three leading photoelectric technology with the scientific research achievement of botanical field in the Institute of Botany of Chinese Academy of Sciences.——LED Growth lamp

Guangming source has more than 10 years of lighting experience in the field of plant lighting, and also has practical experience supported by plant plants, so all light formulations are verified by practice, high performance and competitive advantage over cost.

In recent years, Hongli Zhihui is actively distributing the market of plant lighting subdivision. Previously, its self-developed C3535 products have the characteristics of full band, high power, high reliability and flexible design, and are the first light source for plant lighting. This series of plant bulbs can be based on different plants, different use environment and different growth stages to customize the optical ratio suitable for plant growth, to supplement the specific spectrum of plant photosynthesis, and to ensure the healthy growth of plants.——LED Growth lamp

Also, including Jingdong, BOE, Hon Hai and other domestic Internet giants, LED giants are also actively building plant factories to promote the development of plant lighting. In June 2017, the Jingdong and MITSUBISHI chemical cooperation will build plant plants in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and Beijing Orient building 4500 square meters plant plant in Daxing, Beijing, and supply to too no two, seabed fishing, courtyard private house dishes, and so on, and Foxconn under the banner of Hon Hai has made the largest plant plant in the world using the old factory space, using LED Lighting, liquid culture and other technologies are planted indoors.——LED Growth lamp

As you can see, as plant plant and plant lighting heat are getting higher and higher, not only LED business is only moving, more and more other industry giants cross the border. Believe in the future, plant lighting will usher in a real leap forward development.——LED Growth lamp

Where is it?

For plant lighting, there are still many difficulties. First, the multidisciplinary nature of plant lighting determines the difficulty of technological breakthrough. The field of biology is an important part of plant lighting, and its development needs the close cooperation between the experts of the field of lighting and the experts in the field of biology. However, agricultural LED research talent (Science and education unit, enterprise level) is extremely scarce, which also restricts the development of plant lighting to a certain extent.——LED Growth lamp

In addition, the factors that need to be studied in plant lighting are complex and diverse. Not only need to study air, water, seed, soil, and the surrounding environment such as temperature, humidity, climate change, but also need to study the spectrum, intensity, time and cycle of lighting, light form (steady state or pulse). In the study of plant lighting, the interaction between various possible conditions will make the research problem more complicated.——LED Growth lamp

In other words, the experiment of plant lighting research is more difficult, which also hinders technological breakthroughs. Too many variables exist in the experiment. Not only should we consider the change of light conditions at different growth stages of plants, but also consider other climatic variables. Therefore, for the plant lighting test, there are many samples which need to be tested and the span of the test time is long. The plant lighting has become a study of time consuming, laborious and cost space.——LED Growth lamp

Finally, the evaluation criteria of plant lighting are various and complex. For plant lighting, many indicators including plant production status, sugar content and chlorophyll content increase the difficulty of its research.——LED Growth lamp

At present, the customer is a trial and understanding stage, the majority of the previous verification, the downstream business model is not very determined, the real operation of large-scale commercial plant plants, gardening plantations, or community type family type of commercial products are not much.——LED Growth lamp

This has led to high investment in plant lighting enterprises and slow return cycle, and then slowly lost the power of R & D and production; on the other hand, this also makes the research on lighting enterprises not enough, and the progress of technological breakthrough is slow. In addition, cost price and industrialization are also bottlenecks in the application and promotion of LED light source in the field of plants.——LED Growth lamp

Wang Gaoyang, deputy general manager of Hongli Zhi Hui, said that the domestic LED plant lamp market is still in its infancy. The lamps and lanterns applied to plant growth not only have high cost and poor light penetration ability, but also have problems such as disorderly products, unstandardized production design and lack of unified quality standards.

How do you do it?

Although plant plants and plant lighting have been "favored" by the vast number of manufacturers, it seems that most plant plants have not yet found their own profit model, and its input-output disproportionate has seriously hindered its development. However, as one of the biggest applications of plant lighting, the degree of marketization of plant factories directly determines the development speed of plant lighting.——LED Growth lamp

Where is the breakthrough that LED plant lighting breaks through the existing development bottlenecks? Guangzhou Lennon lighting general manager thunder believes that high added value planting industry can break the LED plant lighting market. Through these first markets, these markets are gradually moving like greenhouse seedlings and greenhouse planting, which will form a virtuous cycle and quickly develop LED plant lighting. If the plant factory only focuses on low value-added industries such as vegetable planting, it is difficult to improve its profitability.——LED Growth lamp

In addition, from the lighting itself, plant lighting is a systematic interdisciplinary subject. First of all, we need to grow from the top end of agriculture, such as plant experts, or university professors, through their understanding of plant information, which is most suitable for which wave segment or which spectral formula is best for different plants. This should be the most basic research on plant lighting. That is to say, light sources and lighting products should not be "alone" or "on paper". They should be closely integrated with agriculture.——LED Growth lamp

Therefore, the development of plant lighting is not just a simple light source. Shenzhen avatar optoelectronics said that the company will have special personnel to go abroad to investigate and understand the overseas market demand for LED plant lighting products. We will develop different plant lighting sources according to different environments.——LED Growth lamp

Generally speaking, plant lighting is a cross discipline between lighting and agriculture. It is far from enough to rely solely on lighting enterprises to promote the development of the industry. Plant lighting industry chain should be better coordinated and coordinated in all fields and links to achieve plant lighting.——LED Growth lamp

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