In Addition To Thailand, Germany Also Called The Lighting Manufacturer Nuggets!

- Apr 20, 2018-

    In southeast Asia, the demand for lighting products, printed circuit boards, energy storage devices and innovative equipment is growing rapidly.

    Thailand is in important parts of southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, and even neighboring countries such as India.

    For exhibitors overseas, there is a chance to reach out to regional market guests outside Thailand.

    Most of the buyers are distributors and regional traders, local contractors in Thailand and so on.

    Taiwan manufacturers this time include taida power, 3J IOT, mingwei, seven league, linghong technology, AUREX, rayyan lighting, LEDlink reek, AURONA, yuhao enterprise, all day yu industry, COLORADD TECH and so on.

    LEDinside observation, also including tubes, headlamp unit assembly needed components, power supply system, in the Thai local market demand is high, need whole building installation planning system solutions, as well as the wisdom of building project buyers have become more integrated ability, although Taiwan manufacturers to and including the Netherlands philips, schneider, Germany and Japan and other foreign competition, this field is still a worthy of the good opportunity of development.

    And Thailand market sensitivity to the price, like other emerging markets, things are too expensive to sell out, unless you are doing to higher-order guests, project consolidator higher gross margin standard case, in the existing channel market is at a low price to can't go any lower, LED light source products and products of LED lamps and lanterns is a certain production of par lamps and lanterns, Thailand local market need lighting products to decorate with new construction, compared with the advanced market is still in low price route.

    Taiwan manufacturers cut into the area market, the challenge is to find the right dealer and cooperation channel partners, in the exhibition business contacts, also need more business to blossom, but once into the supply chain, for southeast Asia market orders at present growth rate, or a market worth the investment.

    As a country along the "One Belt And One Road" countries, Germany also has a large demand for LED lighting industry.

German energy awareness rising in recent years, rising energy prices, prompting the German architect, public investors, and consumer acceptance of LED lighting increase rapidly, the market demand has been growing faster to catch up with Britain, Italy and France, as Europe's fastest growing LED lighting market.

Currently, lighting accounts for 12 percent of European households' daily electricity consumption (excluding heating and water heaters).

The European government hopes to reduce the share of household electricity consumption to 6% by 2050 by popularizing lighting such as leds.

    This huge market demand will naturally attract a lot of enterprises, and the local lighting exhibition will be a great way for the big enterprises to exploit Germany.

It is understood that 80 per cent of the booths at the Lighting Technology expo, which will be held in October 2017, are already booked.

    Germany Essen lighting electronics and accessories exhibition is Germany professional lighting technology system, LED electronic accessories and equipment exhibition.

For including lighting electronic ballasts, power supply manufacturer, which is the best platform, because it is a scope of exhibits tend to ballast, transformer device such as a control and drive, converter, capacitors and other power electronics exhibition.

The exhibition industry gathered senior engineer, policy makers, wholesalers and retailers and other professional target customer groups, to ensure that the exhibitors on the top platform display products, and more direct understanding of the latest fashion trends and the most advanced science and technology.