In March, China's Mid Power LED Packaging Price Was Down, And Manufacturers Continued To Improve Product Performance.

- Apr 17, 2018-

The latest price report of the national consulting LED Research Center (LEDinside) points out that in March 2018, the price of the 3030 LED packaging products in the Chinese market has been greatly reduced, the price of the high-power ceramic substrate LED packaging products is slightly down, and the rest of the products are stable.——LED packaging price

Wang Ting, an analyst at LEDinside, said that the price of the largest current 1000mA's high-power ceramic substrate LED packaging products continued to decline by 0.8% in March, and the average price of the 3030 LED fell to 5.2% as new products were listed and the manufacturers increased their promotion. In the new product, the manufacturers continue to improve the performance of products, such as the introduction of ultra high CRI power 3030 new products Optisolis, more than 95 Ra, more than 80 R9, and no UV radiation. This product is suitable for museums, art galleries, lighting, etc., which require high CRI, and also need to avoid UV radiation, or retail lighting.——LED packaging price

The global price of light bulbs has increased slightly, and Europe continues to introduce new products of filament lamps.——LED packaging price

In terms of global LED bulbs, prices remained stable in March 2018. The average retail price of LED bulbs instead of 40 watts incandescent lamps rose 1%, to 6.4 US dollars. The average retail price of LED bulbs replacing 60 watt incandescent lamps rose 0.6%, to 7.6 US dollars.——LED packaging price

From a regional perspective, filament lamps are still popular in the European market. Most of the new products recently launched by manufacturers are filament lamps. Instead of 40 watts, the price in the UK area increased by 1.7% in March. OSRAM launched 3 new products, of which 2 were filament lamps. In other regions, the average price increase in Germany, the US and Japan is about 1%, while prices in Korea, mainland China and Taiwan are stable.——LED packaging price

Instead of 60 watts, the price in mainland China has dropped by 1.7%. Besides the influence of exchange rate, the price of some manufacturers has also declined. Such as PHILPS 9.5W 800lm bulbs, the price dropped to 4.69 dollars, a drop of more than 30%. In other regions, prices in Germany, the US and Japan rose at 1%-2%, while prices in the UK, Korea and Taiwan remained stable.——LED packaging price