In November, The Price Of High-power LED Packaging Products Was Slightly Lowered, And Manufacturers Focused On Promoting Industrial/outdoor Lighting.

- Nov 15, 2018-

In November, the price of high-power LED packaging products was slightly lowered, and manufacturers focused on promoting industrial/outdoor lighting.

The latest price report of LEDinside Research Center (LEDinside) pointed out that in February 2018, the price of most LED packaging products in the Chinese market remained stable, and the prices of a few products continued to decrease slightly due to the inventory clearance of manufacturers.

LED inside analyst Wang Ting said that the price of individual high-power ceramic substrate LED packaging products fell slightly in February, and the overall average price fell by about 0.8%. Industrial and outdoor lighting is the focus of promotion for manufacturers. Lumileds introduced an upgraded version of the LUXEON 5050 with a brightness of 350 lm at 2W drive power, suitable for applications requiring high light efficiency such as patio lights and street lights. The price of medium power products has remained stable for the time being.

LED bulb prices remain stable, Europe is deeply involved in the smart lighting market

In terms of global LED bulbs, prices remained stable in February 2018. The average retail price of LED bulbs replacing 40-watt incandescent lamps fell slightly by 0.4% to US$6.3; the average retail price of LED bulbs replacing 60-watt incandescent lamps rose 0.1% to US$7.5.

From the perspective of various regions, in place of the 40-watt segment, prices in Europe have declined, with the German region down 1.5%. Some of the early LED filament lamps have seen a significant decline in prices. For example, a 4W 420lm filament lamp from Müller is only priced at only The price of 2.7 US dollars fell by more than 30%; the prices of the United Kingdom, Japan and South Korea also fell slightly; on the contrary, prices in China and the United States rose slightly, while prices in Taiwan remained stable.

In place of 60 watts, prices in Europe continued to decline, with the largest decline in Germany, reaching 5.1%; prices in the UK fell by 0.3%, mainly due to low-price promotions by manufacturers and some high-priced products exiting the market; prices in Japan and the United States rose Prices in other regions remained stable. It is worth noting that European manufacturers continue to dig deep into the smart lighting market, such as the 9W 806lm smart bulb launched by OSRAM, which includes a controller for $10.9.


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