In The First Half Of 2018, LED Chip Industry Subsidies Are Stronger?

- Jul 04, 2018-

In the ongoing Sino US trade war, the US government has adopted a vigorous strategy against the "China made 2025" high-tech industry. Because the United States has set a rule for private enterprises, including science and technology enterprises, the government can not subsidize, and the government's subsidies are against the rules. The Chinese government's huge subsidies to high-tech industries have also become a focus topic in the rounds of Sino US trade war. The purpose of the US move is to ensure its absolute monopoly and hegemony in the high-tech field.——LED chip

It can be said that in the free competition environment, no private enterprise can compete with world-class giants such as Intel and Boeing. Monopoly prevents the innovation and development of the industry. It is necessary and beneficial for the government to participate in and subsidize new competitors in the high-tech industry that has been absolutely monopolized. Just like the original LED industry, technology was monopolized by international giants, and the price of LED products stayed high for a long time. The development of the entire LED industry was seriously affected.——LED chip

Later, due to the intervention and guidance of the Chinese government, the government has increased the support for domestic LED enterprises, making the Chinese LED industry gradually entering the fast lane development. China's subsidies to the LED industry are large, extensive and long lasting, which are rare worldwide. It is through the support of the central and local governments for the LED industry that China has developed into the world's most important LED industrial base in just over ten years.——LED chip

As Liu Wenhui, the Secretary of the photoelectricity board of directors, said, government subsidies are a major factor in the development of the LED industry, and government subsidies are now becoming more and more concentrated, and then closer to several listed companies.——LED chip

In June 27th, huaxan photoelectric and dry optoelectronics announced that the subsidiary of the company received huge government subsidies. Among them, huaxan optoelectronic wholly-owned subsidiary was subsidized 74 million 80 thousand yuan, and dry optoelectronics received 50 million yuan of government subsidy. In the first half of this year, the subsidies announced by the major listed companies, experts LED found, compared with 2017, the government has a stronger subsidy to the leading enterprises in 2018.

The expert LED randomly selected eight representative listed companies in the middle reaches of the LED industry. By consulting their announced subsidy bulletins and financial reports, the government has strengthened the subsidy of the chip industry with relatively high technical threshold in the first half of the year, and the subsidies in the middle reaches of the package are more biased towards the leading enterprises.——LED chip

1. San an optoelectronic

By the end of March, Sunan received a total subsidy of 780 million yuan. The first quarter of 2018 was far more than the 2017 full year subsidy. However, the potential of the three security photoelectricity has not stopped. Recently, the three security subsidiary company, San an semiconductor, has received the 192 million equipment subsidy from Nanan.

2. hucan optoelectronic

Since 2018, Hua can optoelectronic and its wholly owned subsidiary have obtained a number of government subsidies, such as equipment subsidy funds, loan interest rates, industrial development subsidy funds and so on. The subsidy amount has been up to 447 million yuan. Compared with the subsidy of 348 million yuan in 2017, huaxan optoelectronics was the second most profitable one this year.

3. dry optoelectronic

As a well-known LED chip company, dry optoelectronics has been making great efforts in scale and technology in recent years. In view of the input of resources and efforts made in various fields, the amount of government subsidy granted by dry Optoelectronics in 2018 is also increasing. According to the past announcement, the amount of subsidies it has received has reached 75 million yuan. The total subsidy for dry electricity last year was only 76 million yuan, which shows that the government's subsidy for dry goods has also increased this year.

4. polyoptoelectronic

As the only newly listed LED chip enterprise in China in recent years, polyopto has increased its investment after landing the capital market. Since this year, its investment in equipment purchase has exceeded 1 billion yuan. It was also the great input of poly electronics, which received frequent subsidies from the government in the first half of the year. According to expert LED statistics, Ju can optoelectronics received a subsidy of nearly 195 million yuan in the first half of 2018, and last year only 24 million yuan was subsidized into the bag.

5. Ma Lin Sen

As the largest LED packaging enterprise in China, Mu Lin Sen has become the object of many manufacturers to catch up. In 2017, Mu Lin Sen received a total of 133 million yuan from the government. However, in 2018, the government subsidy granted by Mr. Up to now, the government subsidy granted by Mu Lin Sen and its subsidiaries has exceeded 302 million yuan.

6. Hongli Zhi Hui

Hongli Zhihui has vigorously built R & D and production bases in Nanchang in recent years to expand production capacity. According to the announcement, up to now, Hongli Zhi Hui and its subsidiaries have been awarded 72 million 575 thousand and 800 yuan, such as industrial support gold, reward support gold, and so on in Nanchang municipal government. The subsidy amount of last year was 83 million yuan.

7. star optoelectronic

As a key high-tech enterprise in Foshan, which specializes in R & D, production and sales of LED and LED applications, the National Star optoelectronic is one of the earliest enterprises to produce LED in China. The first quarter report of China Star optoelectronics showed that the company received a government subsidy of 8 million 624 thousand and 200 yuan in the first quarter of this year, according to the report of the first quarter of 2018. Last year, Guoxing received a total subsidy of 44 million yuan.

8. Ruifeng photoelectricity

For a company that aspire to become the world's leading technology, Ruifeng photoelectric has a long way to go. In the high-tech field, the government has also been supported by the government. The first quarter performance report of the company in 2018 showed that the government subsidy of the profit and loss of the company was 19 million 839 thousand and 500 yuan, and the subsidy of the Ruifeng photoelectricity year was 67 million yuan.

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