In The Future, Patents Will Be An Important Way To Shuffle The LED Display Industry.

- Jul 12, 2018-

At present, many Chinese molding enterprises are changing from the cost competitive to the technological innovation, and the LED display industry is also facing this kind of transformation. In the construction of the global technology and product research and development system, we must cooperate and innovate all the industrial chain to better realize the industrial upgrading.——LED lighting

In recent years, the speed of "patent" in the industry is speeding up. Aside from the consideration of market competition, "patent competition" reflects an important fact: the current LED display industry is not just the cost, with the continuous R & D investment, the leading enterprises are forming the "moat" from the patent technology. As some industry insiders have predicted, in the future, the patent office with intellectual property as the core will present Dei's new momentum in the industry, and may even become an important means of shuffling the LED display industry in the next few years.——LED lighting

Upgrading the industrial environment and speeding up the layout of the patent

In recent years, news about patent infringement and rights protection has been exposed frequently. It continues to seek the review of the patent for MITSUBISHI nitrides red powder, the patent infringement of hundreds of millions of light optoelectronic patents, the active launch of the LED patent protection war by Seoul semiconductor, the infringement of the LED screen in the United States and the infringement of the patent infringement in the United States and so on. All these events are transmitting a signal that the current industry, whether the upstream or downstream application level, pays more attention to the patent rights and increases the determination of the rights of patent rights.——LED lighting

Last year, the industry has triggered a "patent fever": lead, Lehman, alto and other leading panel enterprises have taken down a number of related patents, for a moment, the strength of the patent has become a game and competition between the big screen enterprises. Although there are some people in the industry think that the intellectual property business war between the leading panel enterprises is "huge pressure" for some small and medium-sized enterprises, but it is undeniable that the trend of "patent competition" will become more and more with the upgrading and transformation of the LED display industry, the optimization of technical products and the further development of the international market. Heat.——LED lighting

The demand for innovation is promoted, and the dispute of patent is inevitable

As we all know, although China's LED display industry market is huge, it can be said to be the leader of the global industry in technology and products, but this does not mean that the development of LED display industry in our country is easy to worry about. In terms of technological innovation and patent strength, China's LED display industry is still lagging behind. Take the one of the hottest technologies in the industry: Micro LED display. China is not dominant globally.——LED lighting

Not only that, Samsung is already planning to launch Q3 Micro LED TV, but the domestic concrete display products for Micro LED have not seen its signs. Therefore, the top road of China's LED display industry is blocked and long. Every screen enterprise still needs to break through the bottleneck of technology and product innovation, and make the innovation of technology, product and plan as the focus of development, linkage industrial chain upstream and downstream, strengthen the technical foundation of industrial development, and improve the core competitiveness of industry in an all-round way. . At the same time, we should focus on improving the "patent" soft power of screen enterprises, so that we can gain the advantage in the future market competition.——LED lighting

In the new era of technology and product upgrading, if LED screen companies do not adhere to independent innovation and more patent protection umbrella, it is easy to lose competitive advantage and even go to the fate of elimination. It is necessary to know that with the increasingly fierce competition in the LED display industry, the original market competition means between enterprises are "hard to be stretched". At this time, the emergence of patent litigation with industrial topics and competitive enterprises has greatly enriched the competition and competition between some of the giants. Thus, the future of patent competition is likely to become a "regular" competition between the screen enterprises, such as low price war, promotion war, brand war, as the means to compete with each other.——LED lighting

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