Indian Traffic Police Change Clothes, LED Light Source Uniform Security

- May 15, 2018-

Indian traffic police change clothes, LED light source uniform security

    Traffic policemen and on-duty personnel are at high risk on the roads. To ensure the safety of traffic police, the police in Kolkata, India, recently replaced their uniforms and used LED light-loaded uniforms to drive at night or during rain and fog. It is easier to notice the people who direct traffic in the street.led bulb light 

    Senior officials of the traffic police in Calcutta, India, said that these LED-equipped uniforms can keep traffic police safe in dim times and reduce the risk of traffic accidents. These equipments were introduced locally 1 year ago. During the fogging or smog period, the safety of on-duty personnel can be ensured.led tube light

    The designer will be equipped with a ring light device consisting of a red LED and a blue LED at the epaulet. At present, the Indian military has 1,000 pieces, and in order to enhance the safety of the traffic police, 3,000 pieces will be distributed to the traffic team in the future. And because the LED lights will continue to flash, the police can be found as far as 500 meters away, protecting the police and also reminding the driver to control the speed.led high bay light

    There were previously Indian soldiers who lost their legs during a car accident when they were on duty at night. This incident reminded the police of the safety of the personnel on duty. A sergeant said that the safety of traffic police and night duty attendants has always been a topic of concern. These equipments make them feel safer, especially during the winter period, because of the dark blue jacket, the more prominent white uniforms will not be noticed.led ceiling light

    Whether it is for safety or beauty, LED uniforms can attract the attention of others. In 2016, the UK’s easyJet Airlines is also in the uniforms of flight attendants with LED lights, can be used as a billboard, and shows flights, destinations and other Information can also be used as humanoid lighting in emergency situations.led flood light

    The company's ground and maintenance personnel's uniforms are equipped with more LED light sources. Engineers can participate in the inspection work without having to use a flashlight, and the uniform is also equipped with air quality measuring devices, barometers and video cameras. For others, the airline’s response can be even faster when it comes to situations.

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