Infantry Huang Meilan: Industry Is Diligent, Action Is Thoughtful

- Apr 29, 2019-

New economy, new pattern and new momentum. Digital power is reshaping the value chain of lighting industry. The theme of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) in 2019 is "thinking about lighting, attacking and defending". We will discuss the winning way between enterprises attacking and defending in the local and global context, gather wise thinking, and create a new situation in the industry.

We focus on the development of LED industry innovation. In this context, GILE visited a number of outstanding exhibitors and industry guests, recorded a series of interviews with "Attack and Defense", shared the enterprise's future development plan and suggestions for the development of China's LED innovative industry, concentrated on presenting the wisdom of guests, outlining the panorama of China's LED era, and interpreted the way of attack and defense in the new era of lighting in depth with a hundred words.

In this program, we are going to talk to Ms. Huang Meilan, Director of Overseas Sales, and listen to her elaboration on how Intel will defend its initiative and attack the future.

"Personally, I have always liked the saying that industry is diligent, action is thoughtful, and has always been guided by this." Ms. Huang Meilan, Overseas Sales Director of Intel, said. She hopes to make more wise decisions with more thinking, to give a person the greatest degree of diligence and effort, to strive for the direction and goal of their expectations, so that time and life become more meaningful and valuable in the process.

During the conversation with Ms. Huang Meilan, she was very talkative. Speaking of her familiar career, she said: "LED lighting is a very exciting industry, and Intel is also a very good platform. We have a good corporate culture, excellent leaders and a team with consistent action goals. For me, I feel very happy to have the opportunity to work in the energy-saving and environmental protection industry of LED lighting, as well as on the platform of Intel. The whole person seemed to be shining.

Referring to the fact that Infineon is now developing towards the direction of intelligent industry, Ms. Huang Meilan introduced to reporters that intelligent lighting has undoubtedly become one of the most important issues in the whole industry. Infineon has been devoting itself to the development of new intelligent LED driver power supply to understand and meet the needs of intelligent lighting in all aspects of multi-latitudes. Intel has been working hard to understand the problems and challenges faced by customers, and on this basis, to think about how to help customers to solve these problems, while developing innovative solutions for the market and customers. In the product line for sports lighting, road lighting, digital communications, urban landscape lighting and many other fields to provide control system of high-power LED intelligent driving power supply. "I think LED lighting is a dynamic market without a single trend or a single solution." Asked about Intel's future product orientation and direction, she added.

Today, under the background of LED lighting driving market and overall development, lighting enterprises are embracing opportunities and challenges from all over the world. Ms. Huang Meilan is confident of Infineon. She believes that enterprises should always view change as an opportunity. With the help of international layout and global perspective, Infineon has the ability to understand the needs of various markets and regions. At the same time, the size of the company also provides the possibility of sustained resource investment. First, Infineon has invested heavily in equipment, greatly improving the automation level of production assembly and testing. Second, we have a strong operation and R&D team, which can quickly survey market trends and meet customer needs.

As the largest industry exhibition in the world, Guangya Exhibition is an annual event that all lighting people must attend every year. The theme of this year's Guangya Exhibition is "attack and defense". How does Ms. Huang Meilan understand the meaning and connotation of this theme? "This year's theme is very in line with the current market situation. We have seen the international giants gradually fade out of the general lighting stage. We have also seen that through innovation, we can promote the development of intelligent interconnected lighting and intelligent cities and open up new areas of application. This is also an attack and defense, which is lighting, which is attacking the new development of lighting and new applications. She believes that we need to return to the original heart in order to bring more possibilities and value to new lighting applications.

Keeping is to keep our original intention and continue to insist in the field of lighting. To attack is to attack new applications and developments of lighting. In the course of attack and defense, they are not confused with problems and resistance, achievements and reputations, and print the coordinates of time again. The mission of the front rank is to strive with initiative.