Installation And Use Of LED Lighting

- Feb 01, 2018-

The lamp can be installed in a single installation, can also be combined with multiple lights installed in more than 20m poles, forming a high pole lighting device. In addition to the appearance of the device, can focus on maintenance, reduce the lamp rod and floor area, and other characteristics, the biggest advantage is the strong lighting function. Light from the height of the projection down, the environment of high spatial brightness, light coverage, giving a similar sense of day, so there is a higher lighting quality and visual effects. In order to meet the minimum safety requirements for outdoor use, the enclosure protection level of the cast light lamp should be IPx3 (open type). In order to improve the durability of the lamps and reduce the maintenance workload, people pay more and more attention to the development of the closed-type cast light with high one-time investment cost, whose shell protection level is IP55.