Institute Of Engineering To Push LED And OLED Innovation Technology

- Apr 26, 2018-

According to the IEK research data of the Institute of industrial research, the global lighting market will reach $158 billion 500 million in 2021, and points out that the development trend of the lighting market will evolve from "bright" to "beautiful" and "Hui Liang". In 2018, the Institute of industry and research showed a number of innovative applications of OLED and LED intelligent lighting in Taiwan International Lighting Technology Exhibition in 2018, including "FlexibleOLED technology", "light health vitality cabin", "invalidation reward intelligent LED lighting" and so on, to create new generation lighting environment, push LED and OLED innovative technologies and applications. In order to create new lighting applications in the next generation, especially in the advanced OLED lighting process, the Institute has complete development energy and production technology. In order to reduce the process time and increase production capacity by independent research and development volume to volume production mode, Taiwan lighting industry will be assisted to open up the new blue sea and create diversified intelligent lighting value.

Wu Zhiyi, director of the Institute of electronics and photoelectricity Research Institute of the Institute of engineering, pointed out that with the progress of OLED materials and process, the cost of OLED technology has fallen sharply and the related applications are more plural. The Institute has complete OLED lighting development energy and test production strength, including customized design ability with customer demand, and the whole line roll test and measure production scheme to solve the cost problem, successfully importing high order FOLED new products to overcome soft substrate transmission, roll to volume integration and soft light source facing volume to volume process. System design, such as difficult and difficult issues, and greatly reduce the current manufacturing process and cost, is expected to reach 50 thousand months of production capacity at the end of the year, and can help industry OLED lighting customization, with innovative ability to spread to the new field application. The technology has been cooperating with 14 domestic design lamps and lanterns manufacturers, 15 schools, and 9 Commercial transfer fields. This year, it has been co operating with 6 manufacturers, including Di Bao, Jing Chang, Ya Di Europe,, Bao Chuang, Zhang Malong Chen Yulin joint architects and so on, to speed up the domestic OLED lighting. Move.

The "OLED lighting Theme Pavilion" of the Institute of industrial research, with the theme of home lighting in intelligent life, exhibits various applications of FOLED technology. In the past, OLED was developed mainly on the glass substrate, and the "FOLED" developed by the Institute of industry and development used soft board technology with a weight of only 10.7 grams and thickness less than 0.5 millimeters (mm), and the flexibility and light characteristics made OLE D can be used more widely in the future. Scene can be seen in conjunction with palm tree lighting works, and for parent child interaction situational benefits, home furnishings and car lights applications.

In the "LED light and health theme pavilion", the LED adjustable spectral lighting module, which is designed by polycrystalline polychromatic light dimming lamps, can mix white light at specific wavelengths and provide health effects that conform to the circadian rhythm of the human body in general lighting. In simple terms, using LED adjustable spectral lighting module, although the naked eye sees the white light of the same color temperature, but the proportion of red, blue and green light is different, so the inhibition of human melatonin is also different, so as to unwittingly affect people's day and night.

Wu Zhiyi said that with the maturity of LED technology development, the application scope of LED lighting market is expanding gradually. Different from the past LED lighting research and development is always focused on the improvement of efficiency. At this stage, it is inclined to increase the added value, that is, from the technology research and development of the lighting itself to the systematic integration and wisdom, taking the office as an example. The key is to make the lighting comfortable and save electricity, while ensuring the efficiency and health of the workers. The Institute of industry and research hope to combine the advantages of LED and ICT to introduce innovative thinking on a solid basis and help Taiwan lighting industry to break away from the red sea of price competition and embrace the blue sea space.

Hu Yaozu, director of the Institute of green energy and Environment Research Institute of the Institute of engineering, said that the Institute of industry and research has carried out a number of technical development in the field of intelligent and efficient lighting for a long time, and actively promoted the quality and efficiency of LED lighting. At the same time, we publish intelligent LED lighting with failure automatic return, which can make the maintenance progress of lamps and lanterns more rapid and smooth, and improve customer satisfaction and product image to achieve win-win between managers and users. In addition, in improving the lighting efficiency of LED lamps, the Institute has also developed ultra high power LED lamps and lanterns with manufacturers, which has been applied to the first sports ground of Hsinchu county. While saving electricity, the illuminance is increased by more than two times and has better illumination uniformity.

Under the support of the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of economics, the Institute of industry, with the support of the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of economics, has developed a smart LED power supply with failure detection and return function. It has been transferred to the Limited by Share Ltd with a set of losses with low cost, low power, high security, reliability and convenience. Reward intelligent LED lighting control system. After the development of this technology, the system can detect the state of the lamps and lanterns without an external sensor, and return the state value of the luminaire to the manager and the manufacturer in order to maintain the maintenance time and reduce the cost of human maintenance.

In 2018, the Institute of Engineering introduced the "OLED lighting Theme Pavilion", "the Theme Pavilion of light and health" and "the Theme Pavilion of the leisurely and intelligent light environment" in Taiwan international lighting technology exhibition, which presented various lighting applications and technical achievements to show the technical strength of the Institute.