Intelligent LED Lighting Products

- Sep 10, 2018-

Throughout the several exhibitions of the lighting industry in recent years, various intelligent LED lighting products have occupied almost all the stands of lighting enterprises.

The discussion about whether intelligent lighting can enter the market is also getting heated.

But what sells in the market is often not the performance is best, the technology content is the highest "high tech" intelligent illume product, however a few quality are general, even look familiar to you to want to vomit of the mainland goods product.

LED intelligent lighting products

So why are smart lighting products so popular?

Personal analysis has the following reasons:

1. The lighting market has not formed the demand for intelligent lighting

Currently, popular LED lighting products include bulb, T8 lamp, T5 integrated bracket, ceiling lamp, tube lamp, etc., which seem to have no technical content, but can be updated rapidly in function or specification, so the market acceptability is high.

A brand new market must consider whether the consumer cognition in the incubation period can follow, leading ahead is not necessarily a good thing, any new products in the sense of seeking new will face the cruel test of time and market.


2. Ordinary consumers have an instinct to avoid risks

Consumers have formed thinking patterns or even habits and emotions towards the old products they bought in the past. Meanwhile, they are worried that the intelligent lighting products they bought will become "mice". Once the problems arise, they can only find the original factory to solve them.


3. "self-righteous"

Their children are the most beautiful, many enterprises, especially product planning and r&d personnel think that the intelligent lighting products they develop are epoch-making, advanced technology, powerful functions, and the result of the interview found that consumers do not buy this.

The reason for this phenomenon is that the pre-development market research fails to capture the real demand G spot of consumers, and the products are always developing for the new and the old, and only pursue "innovation" without considering consumers' wishes.


4. Non-" rigid demand"

The current intelligent lighting product is not a daily necessity, but a product that can improve the quality of life and even increase the "taste" of life. Such "elastic demand" cannot naturally bring high sales.

If it can be integrated into consumers' daily life like a smartphone, it may be popularized in a real sense.

Intelligent LED lighting


How to develop LED intelligent lighting products in the future?

Individual thinks intelligence illume is an inevitable development direction in the future really, but at present initial stage, sale cannot undertake according to traditional lamps and lanterns pattern, greatly shop goods popularizes the likelihood to become market "martyr" extremely.

For a specific consumer groups in-depth effective promotion, to point with surface to pilot, such as philips Hue smart bulb is first introduced in the apple store, as a world-class lighting enterprises it knows the first batch of customer orientation is: have the courage to accept new things, like high-tech, is not sensitive to price, control requirements is greater than the actual lighting function.

At the same time, the stability and reliability of the product design should be repeatedly certified, and the publicity should be increased to reduce consumers' concern about the risk of purchase.

The core of intelligent lighting products lies in intelligent induction and on-demand lighting. Functional changes rather than intelligent lighting will change the color of the light, and complex operation is not intelligent lighting. "people-oriented" is the core.