Intelligent Light Pole Development Steps Into Fast Lane, Where Will It Go In 2019

- Jan 13, 2019-

There is no doubt that 5G will be chosen as the hot word in the technology industry in 2018. As countries around the world compete to deploy ahead and accelerate their development, 5G has become an indispensable place in the commanding heights of global scientific and technological competition. It can be said that 2018 is the first year of 5G network launch. The first 5G independent networking (SA) standard was issued, the three major operators obtained 5G spectrum, a clear 5G deployment schedule, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangzhou and other places have promulgated relevant policies to deploy 5G base stations.——LED lighting

Unlike previous conceptual levels, with the advent of 2019, 5G landing will become a reality. In 2019, major operators began to fully deploy 5G base stations. With the development of 5G layout, in order to use high-frequency communication to achieve greater capacity, it is necessary to overcome the characteristics of high-frequency communication, such as poor diffraction ability, loss-prone and small coverage. Therefore, the 5G era will require a large number of small base stations to complete deeper and wider coverage, indoor and outdoor without dead angle, to support the demand of large capacity and high speed. The deployment of 5G micro-base station on smart lamp pole will become an important part. It can be seen that the development of 5G is not only the spring of communication industry, but also reflects many fields. The smart lamp pole industry is also facing the transformation and development of 5G.——LED lighting

2018 is also a year when the smart light pole industry erupted in a large area. Local governments have issued policy plans to support the development of smart lamp pole industry. A batch of smart lamp pole projects have been completed and put into use. One after another, the bidding information of smart lamp pole projects has been released. The industry associations on smart lamp pole have begun to set up and carry out related activities. Various cross-border and cross-field enterprises have been pouring into the field of smart lamp pole, which makes the industry more and more competitive. Development has shown vigorous vitality.——LED lighting

The introduction of smart lamp pole can enrich 5G networking mode. The planning of 5G network can make full use of smart lamp pole, promote the construction of 5G wireless network architecture, and fully meet the development of mobile Internet and Internet of Things. Therefore, carrying 5G micro-base station on lamp pole has become one of the most popular and anticipated operation modes.——LED lighting

In 2018, both 5G and smart lamp pole development have achieved phased results. What expectations will there be in 2019?

In response, Liu Yi, Vice President of Sichuan Huati Science and Technology Co., Ltd., said: 2019 is a key year for the smart light pole industry. From four perspectives.——LED lighting

1. Policy level. In 2018, local governments issued macro policies to support the development of smart lamp pole industry. In 2019, we believe that the government will introduce more operational and landing policies, especially the large-scale implementation of the promotion policy of smart lamp pole, to support the accelerated development and landing of smart lamp pole industry.——LED lighting

2. Technical level. From the development stage of smart lamp pole in 2016-2018, the hardware level of smart lamp pole, from the pole body design, hardware integration has been relatively mature, the software level of smart lamp pole, some enterprises have also realized the unified Internet of Things management and control platform of smart lamp pole. It should be said that the hardware technology of intelligent lamp pole has a certain degree of maturity. But there is still a long way to go for the development of software in order to make the smart lamp pole play a role in the smart city.——LED lighting

From a technical point of view, there are four trends in the development of smart lamp poles in 2019.

Trend 1: Open up the business process of the user department, combine the hardware equipment on the smart lamp pole with the actual needs of the user;

Trend 2: Intelligent lamp pole and artificial intelligence. For example, the camera on the smart lamp pole should gradually possess all kinds of smart recognition capabilities, such as license plate recognition, face recognition, human and object recognition and behavior recognition, in order to achieve real wisdom, and can generate new scene applications based on artificial intelligence.——LED lighting

Trend 3: Open the data platform of the intelligent lamp pole and the large data platform of the upper level to generate value-added applications of data;

Trend 4: Realize the landing of 5G micro base station. In 2019, major operators will begin to deploy 5G base stations step by step, and the deployment of 5G micro-base stations on smart lamp poles will really begin. The complete solution of deploying 5G micro-base stations using smart lamp poles will also begin to land in 2019.——LED lighting

Third, the scale of the project. From 2016 to 2018, many smart light pole projects have been carried out all over the country, but most of them are pilot demonstrations. For each project, the scale is not large. It is expected that 2019 will be the first year of large-scale smart light pole projects. There are obvious differences between large-scale projects and pilot projects: first, the business model of the projects is different, the pilot projects generally adopt the mode of government purchase, but large-scale projects may adopt a variety of business models, such as the BOT mode of enterprise investment, construction and operation; second, large-scale projects put special emphasis on operation, the essence of operation is to provide users with satisfactory services, which To meet the real needs of service purchasers, enterprises must have the ability of operating team and operation.——LED lighting

Therefore, the future smart lamp pole industry may be divided into two kinds of division of labor: smart lamp pole production enterprises and smart lamp pole operation enterprises. Of course, if the current smart lamp pole production enterprises can speed up the distribution of smart lamp pole operation capabilities, both product capabilities and operational capabilities, they will maintain a higher competitiveness in the future smart lamp pole competition.——LED lighting

Fourth, the introduction of standards. After nearly three years of exploration, the industry has already had some experience, so 2019 is the time to introduce some smart lamp pole standards. I believe that in 2019, from the local point of view, the industry point of view, the national department point of view will introduce some smart lamp pole standards, first of all, industry standards, local standards, and gradually unified into national standards in the future. It is believed that in 2019, the project scale of Smart Light Pole will be bigger and the number of projects will be more. There are also some standards to standardize and guide the project.——LED lighting

In addition, Ji Jianbo, president of Shanghai Rutong Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., also said in his communication with reporters from Aladdin News Center that in 2019, the smart light industry will definitely continue to develop. The whole industry chain needs to be standardized. Governments around the world should intensify efforts to integrate and promote, and third-party operational services will be an important way for the future development of the smart light industry.——LED lighting


In 2018, the development of smart light pole has entered the "fast lane". In 2019, the development momentum of smart light pole industry is bound to be stronger. If in the first three years, the smart light pole is still a conceptual matter, then with the advent of the new year, the large-scale landing of the smart light pole industry will soon become a reality. It can be predicted that 2019 will be the first year for the large-scale project of smart lamp pole to land.——LED lighting