Intelligent Luminaire Has Great Potential In Overseas Market. How Can LED Enterprises Dig Gold?

- May 10, 2018-

"In recent years, the quality of China's lighting products has been gradually falling, and the quality is still rising, which is why many overseas purchasers have come to China for a long time."

The European and American markets are the main force, and the quality of export is the key.

In recent years, the global lighting market, especially the European and American market, has been rising rapidly. "The output of lamps and lanterns in the European market is very large. In order to be able to produce attractive prices, many enterprises have gradually reduced the cost of production, making the standard of lamps and lanterns in the whole of Europe changed again," said Jack, Zhongshan yinhin Lighting Co. Ltd. As compared with the previous years, it has even reduced a lot, so there are more and more export enterprises entering the market, and at the same time, the price war is becoming more and more prominent. "

In addition, there are no lack of Brazil, Chile and other South American countries, as well as India, Southeast Asia and other emerging market development momentum, according to Jack: "for Chinese lamps and lanterns manufacturers, at the same time, the demand for international orders, also faced with changing market access requirements, how to get rid of the vicious price. "War, accurately grasp the new market access and buyer requirements, develop and occupy emerging markets, become the current many Chinese lighting exporters need to solve the problem."

On the one hand, according to Wang Haojie, China's macro Lighting Co., Ltd., on the one hand, some lamps and lanterns export enterprises are not enough to understand the standards and regulations of emerging market countries, and the products can not keep up with the latest changes in relevant standards and regulations; on the other hand, some enterprises lack the awareness of the corresponding inspection and control, and the control of the production process is not strict. The inspection of the finished product is in the form.

And this in Wang Haojie's view: "Lamp jewelry export enterprises want to break the bottleneck of product transformation and upgrading, the use of low voltage LED process production lamp string is a good method. It should be noted that the production enterprises should also establish key components quality acceptance system, production technology key control monitoring system, finished product pumping." The inspection system should be strictly enforced to prevent products from being notified, returned and so on.

Export lighting companies are busy with nuggets, LED and smart lamps are booming overseas market.

According to Jack, in recent years, in the promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection concept, many countries and regions in the world have stepped up the strength of eliminating traditional high-energy products. As a result, LED has more energy saving and environmental protection lamps and lanterns in the overseas market. "This is in sharp contrast with the traditional traditional tungsten filament Christmas lights. Traditional tungsten filament Christmas lamps are not only more energy consuming and powered by dry batteries, but often because the power is not long enough to be replaced frequently, especially inconvenient." He admits that reducing energy consumption, energy saving and durable lamps will be the focus of the Future Ltd, and the present invention of the application of LED to replace the traditional tungsten filament will greatly reduce the energy consumption of the product.

In Dongguan, the RainMin Creative Lighting Co., Ltd., said Qiao Bo, used to rely on export of ordinary lamps and lanterns to seize the market in the past. In recent years, the company has also shifted its focus to the export of LED lamps and lanterns. More than 90% of the products have been sold to large furniture stores such as Europe and America. The market share is increasing. As a result, when other traditional lamps and lanterns are facing difficulties such as low technical content, low profit and poor competitiveness, the company has firmly established its heel in the overseas market.

"The potential of overseas LED luminaire Market is still great, and hundreds of thousands of buyers who come to consult the 123 Canton Fair are also obvious." Qiao Bo said, LED lamps and lanterns are still developing in the field of intelligent lighting, to a certain extent, this also makes LED smart high-end market prospects become clearer, especially in infrastructure construction and smart home.

"But what needs to be noted is that intelligent lighting is also relatively high in maintenance costs, and needs enterprises to develop high-end products, which is also a very high requirement for the enterprise itself." Jo Bo said.