Internet + Physical Store O2O Model, The Future King Of LED Lighting Industry

- Sep 13, 2018-

In the era of mobile Internet, e-commerce and WeChat micro-marketing have become new sales channels.

There are also many enterprises in the lighting industry hope to "test the water" Internet, out of a new way.


Due to the characteristics of lighting products, how to implement online sales becomes the key, and the core strength of landing is physical stores.

O2O mode

No matter how vivid the picture is, the seller cannot truly feel the charm of the goods. Therefore, online sales cannot be separated from physical stores.

In order to achieve long-term development and win the war in the lighting and lighting industry, the brick-and-mortar store owners, assisted by the Internet e-commerce mode, should also strengthen the service system, make accurate positioning and find target customers, make brick-and-mortar stores become the carrier of brand soul and step out of the road of winning the battle of Internet + brick-and-mortar stores.


The first step is to move to the Internet

Switch to the Internet

In the Internet era, lighting lighting industry to find a suitable entry point is crucial.

Having a clear digital strategy and a clear future orientation is the first step towards success.

At the time when e-commerce and WeChat micro-marketing are very popular, brick-and-mortar store owners can first build a platform, have a stage, and then plan how to sing this play well.


Member data analysis, learn consumer behavior habits

2 led electricity

To achieve the sales target, customers' hobbies and consumption habits need to be known, so that brick-and-mortar stores can purchase goods or carry out relevant activities according to consumers' actual needs.

Brick-and-mortar store owners can gain in-depth understanding of customers by summarizing the members' historical consumption records or by conducting research on core users.

With the prevailing micro-marketing of WeChat, offline physical stores can also apply, set up and generate qr codes on the public platform of WeChat. Relevant data of consumers can be easily collected through offline smart servers and analyzed with big data to facilitate the physical stores to determine the sales products, directions and methods to meet customer demands.


Launch promotional activities, online and offline

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After acquiring customers' consumption habits, brick-and-mortar stores can combine with online promotional offers and gift-giving activities to increase the use of fans on the platform. The activity information and new product listing information of brick-and-mortar stores can be promoted online on e-commerce platforms and micro-mall.

Enterprises can guide customers to brick-and-mortar stores and improve customer arrival rate and overall sales volume through such means as receiving gifts in brick-and-mortar stores, lifting products by themselves, and finding suppliers to place orders online.


Physical store service upgrade to improve customer store experience

4 lighting O2O

Guiding customers to stores is one step, and keeping them is the key.

How to make the first time customers become members, which is closely related to the product experience and service of the physical store.

The quality of service of salesmen in brick-and-mortar stores, free Wifi, decoration style, product area layout, etc., all affect customers' favorable impression of the store.

Enterprises can recruit and select sales personnel with good attitude, conduct unified training, and conduct scientific decoration and planning of stores to improve customers' store experience.


Value - added service friendly, so that customers have no worries

5 led lighting O2O

Some of droplight, dome light and so on lamps and lanterns, unlike little desk lamp, have insert platoon to be able to use.

The installation of lamps, use methods, cleaning, maintenance and other after-sale services complete, can let customers free from worries.

Brick-and-mortar stores can make customers submit demands online and provide door-to-door service offline by after-sales staff, so as to facilitate customers and increase their loyalty to the brand.

In the hot Internet today, physical stores are still the base camp.

How to make the Internet and brick-and-mortar stores combined marketing to become a new way out of the lighting lighting industry, small hope that the above content to lighting lighting industry has a certain reference value.

Although the positioning of each brand and enterprise is different, the way is different, but Internet + physical store is the big trend, catch up with this gust, ride with the sword, you are the ultimate winner!