Interpretation Of Products: What Does Sansi Smart Street Lamp And Multi-pole Unity Look Like

- Jan 22, 2019-

Sansi Smart Street Lamp System

As early as early as the beginning of 2000, Shanghai Sansi took the lead in putting forward the concept of "lamp interconnection" in an international forum, which aroused tremendous repercussions in the industry. In 2015, Sansi's self-developed intelligent street lamp system officially appeared. This "cross-border Internet street lamp" began to be applied in the whole country and became the object of reference for the industry.——LED intelligent lighting

Reflections on Some Intelligent Street Lamp Styles

Sansi Intelligent Street Lamp System not only has basic intelligent lighting module, but also integrates information publishing module, information collection module, information transmission and control module. It can realize different applications such as intelligent lighting of LED street lamp, information publishing of LED display screen, wireless network, video surveillance, RFID person/object monitoring, environmental sensing monitoring, charging of electric vehicle and emergency call. The important carrier and terminal system of the future smart city will provide 24-hour guarantee for the construction of smart transportation, safe city, smart community and intelligent monitoring of infrastructure.——LED intelligent lighting

Three Considerations and One Multi-pole Project in the Expo

"One-pole and multi-function" is the greatest feature of the intelligent lamp pole. With the implementation of the construction of the intelligent street lamp, the "multi-pole and one-in-one" intelligent street lamp acts as the nerve endpoint and application terminal of the intelligent city. A street lamp becomes the nerve perception element of the city, links it into an intelligent city perception network, realizes the precise management of various fields of the city and the intensive utilization of urban resources. Let street lights become the best carrier of the Internet of Things.——LED intelligent lighting

Sansi's "multi-pole integration" has been widely applied to key projects on the road around the Shanghai Expo, and has once again become a new model of modern urban management.——LED intelligent lighting