Introduction LED Mobile Marquee

- Sep 21, 2018-

Introduction LED mobile marquee

Let's take a look at simple and low-cost LED applications. In addition to our well-known LED indicators and LED backlights for mobile phones, these applications are a variety of LED applications that are entertaining or decorative, giving full play to the characteristics of low-power LED products.

The marquee is also called "the lantern" and "the horse". Traditionally, the paper is tied with a horse and a horsetail. The candle is placed at the center of the horse's belly. It is suitable for everyone to play and sing and dance. As one of the traditional old-fashioned decorative lights, the marquee still has its charm today. Marquee technology is another modification of the mobile phone. By processing the outer casing of the mobile phone, the chic marquee jewelry is installed. The lighting is flashing on the keys and the outer casing of your mobile phone. When it flashes, the mobile phone can be Different from the impression of other products.

The marquee of the mobile phone is also divided into three layers and four layers. Some of them have 8 flash mode adjustable, or unrestrained, or mysterious, or eager or soothing. The marquee is even and not urgent, even if The music is rushing to the extreme, and these lights must be sent and received freely and run out of level. Left and right, right and left, top and bottom, bottom and so on.

Of course, the LED marquee can also be installed on a variety of planes, cylinders, floors, ceilings, and even curtains, or it can be hung in the space to form a screen effect. Can form a large area group control effect, can achieve grayscale, pattern, animation, text playback. The LED light strip is suitable for building surface decoration, facade lighting effect decoration, outdoor signboard, outdoor light advertising screen, indoor effect decoration and so on.

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