Introduction Of The Flood Light

- Apr 24, 2018-

Lighting is mainly used for building decorative lighting, we are often in touch, then for the installation method of the lighting and the price of light, there is no relationship, the next little editor to introduce the light.

Introduction of light

The projection lamp is the luminaire that specifies the illuminance of the illuminated surface above the surrounding environment. Also called the spotlight. Usually, it can aim at any direction and has structures that are not affected by climatic conditions.

The projection lamp consists of optical part, mechanical part and electrical part 3. The optical components are mainly reflectors and shading grids that restrict light projection lamps. The mechanical components are mainly the shell, and the focusing mechanism for fixing and adjusting the position of the light source, the bracket of the fixtures, the base and the parts with the angle indicating the direction of the adjustment of the light beam. Most of them are airtight lights, mechanical parts, protective glass and various sealing rings. Some metal mesh covers are also needed according to the needs of the environment. The good performance of the projector lamp is also equipped with an air filter. Electrical components are ballast, capacitor and trigger (set according to the need of light source).

Use of light

It is mainly used for large area operations, such as mines, building profiles, stadiums, flyovers, monuments, parks and flower beds. Therefore, almost all outdoor large area lamps can be regarded as projector lamps.


The installation method of the lighting lamp

The projector can be used for single installation or multi lamp combination, and can be mounted on poles above 20m to form a high pole lighting device. The device has the advantages of beautiful appearance, centralized maintenance, reduced lampposts and occupied area. The biggest advantage is that the lighting function is strong. When the light is projected from the height, the space of the environment is high and the coverage is large, giving people a feeling similar to the daytime, so it has high lighting quality and visual effect.

In order to meet the minimum safety requirements for outdoor use, the protection level of the floodlight should be IP * 3 (open type). In order to improve the durable performance of the lamps and reduce the workload of maintenance, people pay more and more attention to the development of the closed type investment light with high cost of one-time investment. The protection grade of the shell is IP55.

In order to further improve the light output ratio of the luminaire, the reflector tends to use the block reflector which is conducive to reducing the light source and the multi focus reflector to meet the special lighting requirements. The surface treatment of the reflector tends to use new materials and new processes to obtain more than 96% reflection ratio.

In order to lighten the lamp weight and reduce the consumption of metal materials, the shell of the lamp will develop towards the plastic shell with high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength and anti-aging.


Light price

Nowadays, the price of imported brand lights is much higher than that of domestic ones, and the lowest price of imported light is usually more than 100 yuan. For the domestic production of light projection products, compared with the price of imported light, it is much cheaper. Usually the smallest size of the light, domestic goods quoted at 50-60 yuan. The growth of different sizes is about tens of dollars floating.