Introduction To The Advantages And Disadvantages Of LED Backlight Source

- Oct 28, 2018-

Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of LED backlight source

Online people often ask about the difference between lcd and led display. Is the LED backlight energy-saving and environmental protection promoted by the manufacturers all the gimmicks? First let us understand the advantages and disadvantages of the LED backlight source, you can make a correct judgment.

Advantages of LED backlight source:

1, the screen can be made thinner, we pay attention to see some LCD monitors, you can see a few filament-like CCFL tubes arranged, in order to make the screen evenly lit, you need to add some other devices, so you can't do it Very thin; and the backlight is different, the LED backlight itself is a flat luminescent material, no need to add other devices.

2, will not turn yellow and dark, CCFL fluorescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, the time will be aging, so the traditional notebook screen will turn yellow and dark after two or three years, and the life of LED backlight screen will be much longer, at least Two or three times.

3. More power saving, LED is a kind of semiconductor, working under low voltage, simple structure and low power consumption.

4, more environmentally friendly, mercury in CCFL lighting has a great pollution to the environment, harmless recycling has great difficulties.

Disadvantages of LED backlight source:

1, the relative price is higher Currently in the same specifications and the traditional CCFL backlight display price difference between 100-300 yuan.

2. Promotion problems brought about by new technologies.

From the long-term trend, LED backlight technology as a replacement technology product will certainly gradually become popular, and gradually occupy the mainstream of the market.

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