Inventory Of Top Ten Events In LED Industry In 2018

- Dec 28, 2018-

At the end of the year, the year when opportunities and challenges coexist is coming to an end. Looking back at 2018, the industry has made great strides forward. Old things have been phased out or upgraded. New things have sprouted and developed. There are many new niche markets and product applications in the industry, and the international environment is changing constantly.——LED chip

In order to cope with all kinds of opportunities and difficulties, industry leaders have launched their own strategic plans to seek survival and development. For example, the three major international giants General Electric, Osram and Philips Lighting have all undergone a series of different transformations around this year, which has caused a sensation in the whole industry. There have been many memorable or far-reaching events in different fields. In this article, the editor of LED inside combs ten exciting hotspots in 2018 for readers.——LED chip

1. The United States imposed tariffs on Chinese products, which affected the LED industry.

On April 4, the U.S. government officially issued a 301 survey recommending a 25% tariff on 1,300 Chinese exports of about $50 billion to the United States. In this regard, the Chi-Bang Consulting LED Research Center (LED inside) pointed out that the list of LED products mainly includes chips and backlight products and other industrial intermediaries, accounting for a low proportion of China's LED industry exports to the U.S. market, therefore, the tariff imposed on Chinese LED enterprises has limited substantive impact.——LED chip

On September 17, President Trump announced a 10% increase in tariffs on Chinese products valued at $200 billion, which will be formally implemented from September 24 until the end of 2018. Moreover, the tariff will increase to 25% on January 1, 2019.——LED chip

According to LED inside, about $8 billion of the $200 billion tariff-added products in the lighting industry will indirectly affect the upstream related LED industry chain of the lighting industry.——LED chip

On December 1, U.S. time, the leaders of China and the United States reached consensus on economic and trade issues between the two countries. The two sides decided to stop upgrading tariffs and other trade restrictions, including not raising existing tariff rates against each other, and not imposing new tariff measures on other commodities. In addition, the Office of the United States Trade Representative has announced that the deadline for raising tariff rates on Chinese imports to the United States to 25% will be postponed until March 2, 2019.——LED chip

In general, for Sino-US trade frictions, LED inside believes that the short-term impact is greater than the long-term impact, the impact on the downstream of the LED industry is greater than the impact on the upstream, and the psychological impact is greater than the actual impact.——LED chip

2. Philips Lighting renamed Signify, and its products follow the Philips brand.

On March 16, Philips Lighting announced its intention to change its name to Signify. The new name comes from a new definition of illumination, that is, light has become an intelligent language for connecting and transmitting information. Philips Lighting said that under the licensing agreement with Royal Philips, the company's products will continue to use the Philips lighting brand.——LED chip

On May 16, Philips Lighting announced for the first time the company's Chinese name is Xin Noofei.

3. GE successively sells lighting business and Current in Europe, Middle East and other regions.

The news of GE selling lighting business is not new, and from time to time new developments come out.

In February, GE announced its agreement to sell GE Lighting in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, as well as global automotive lighting business. The buyer was Joerg Bauer, former president of the Hungarian branch of GE Lighting.——LED chip

In March, foreign media reported that two enterprises were preparing to bid for GE's remaining lighting business. In April, news showed that GE's lighting sales case was about to enter the bidding process. This time, GE's general lighting business, Current's system and intelligent lighting solutions company will be sold in packages, with a price estimated at about $600-800 million.——LED chip

Since then, according to the E-mail sent by GE to partners in May, GE Lighting (consumer lighting business) and Current's sales have entered the bidding process. The deadline for submitting the first round of non-binding tenders is April 30. On the basis of the first round of tenders, bidders entering the second round are selected. At that time, it was expected that the second round of binding tenders would be completed around 30 June, after which final negotiations would be held before final signature.——LED chip

In July, according to Nippon Economic News, GE's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) announced on July 20 local time that it was scheduled to sell lighting business within the year, and would soon sign a sales contract for lighting business in the United States.——LED chip

On November 6, foreign media reported that GE announced that it had signed a draft agreement to sell Current to American Industrial Partners (AIP). It is noteworthy that GE Lighting's North American consumer lighting business is not included in the proposed transaction, and GE is still actively selling the business.——LED chip

4. OSRAM sells lamps and lanterns business and focuses on high-tech growth market

Around August, as part of the strategic restructuring plan, Osram announced the sale of its lighting business to ensure that the company remains strategically focused on applications with high growth potential.

Since then, Osram said in an e-mail to customers that only Siteco, a German European lamp business, and SLS, SYLVANIA Lighting Services, are currently available for sale in Germany. Traxon and e: cue in LS, as well as lamps, dynamic lighting and control systems in Asia-Pacific region, have no plans to sell for the time being.——LED chip

5.CREE spent more than 2.7 billion yuan to acquire Infineon RF power business

On March 6, CREE announced that it would invest about 345 million euros (about 2.71 billion yuan at the current exchange rate) to acquire Radio Frequency Power (Radio Frequency Power) from Infineon Technologies.——LED chip

It is reported that Corey hopes to open up more business opportunities for its Wolfspeed business through this agreement. Infineon Radio Frequency Power supplies operational architecture equipment in the United States, mainland China, Sweden, Finland and South Korea, and has a base in Morgan Hill, California.——LED chip

6. Mulinsen merged Forest Lighting and LED VANCE and agreed to integrate Harmony Mingxin and Yiwu Mulinsen.

On November 16, Forest Lighting, a lighting brand owned by Mulinsen, sent an e-mail to its customers saying that Mulinsen, its parent company, plans to merge Forest Lighting and LED VANCE in order to maximize efficiency, accelerate product development, reduce internal costs and improve services to key distribution partners.——LED chip

About a month later, in order to optimize production resources, simplify management links, improve operational efficiency and reduce management costs, Mulinsen issued a further announcement that it agreed to integrate its wholly-owned subsidiary, Harmony Mingxin (Yiwu) Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., into another wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, Yiwu Mulinsen Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.——LED chip

7.Huacan Optoelectronics invested 10.8 billion yuan to build advanced semiconductor and device projects

At the end of February, Huacan Photoelectric announced the signing of the project investment framework agreement. It intends to invest in the construction of advanced semiconductor and device projects in Yiwu Information Photoelectric High-tech Industrial Park, including: (1) LED epitaxy and chips; (2) Sapphire substrate; (3) UV LED; (4) IR LED; (5) Micro LED; (5) MEMS sensor; (5) Vertical Cavity Surface Emission Laser (VCSEL); (3) GaN-based laser; (3) UV LED; (4) IR LED; (3) Micro LED; (3) Micro LED; (3) Micro LED; GaN-based power electronic devices and other advanced semiconductor and device projects. The total investment of the project is 10.8 billion yuan.——LED chip

8.LG's largest acquisition in history, 8.5 billion won the Austrian Automotive Lighting Company

As one of the emerging niche markets, the automotive lighting heat is not decreasing, and the industry continues to spread the news of cross-border cooperation between the LED industry and the automotive industry to attack the automotive market.——LED chip

In May, according to Korean media reports, LG Electronics acquired ZKW, an Austrian automotive lighting company, for 1.44 trillion won (about 8.548 billion yuan at the current exchange rate), the largest M&A transaction in the history of LG Group.——LED chip

It is reported that at present, the global automotive lighting market is dominated by three companies, ZKW, SL Corporation and Ichikoh. LG Electronics will soon become the main supplier of automotive headlights after acquiring ZKW.

9.Changfang Group and Wanrun Technologies have sold shares with 716 million yuan and over 900 million yuan respectively, and the controllers have changed.——LED chip

Equity transfer cases are not uncommon, and this year there are two heavyweight related events in the LED circle. One of the two main actors is Changfang Group and the other is Wanrun Technology.

At the end of March, Changfang Group issued an announcement on the signing of the share transfer agreement. Its controlling shareholders, actual controllers, Deng Zichang, Deng Ziquan, Deng Zihua and Deng Zixian (Deng's brothers) transferred their total holding of 78,478,085 shares of the company's unrestricted circulating shares to Nanchang Guanggu Group Co., Ltd. by means of agreement transfer. At the same time, 59,258,158 shares of unrestricted circulating shares were transferred to Nanchang Xinwang Capital Enterprise (Limited Partnership), and the unrestricted circulating shares were transferred. 137,736,243 shares, accounting for 17.43% of the company's total equity. The total transfer price of shares totals 716,228,464 yuan.——LED chip

On May 25, Changfang Group announced that the share transfer was completed. Since then, the controlling shareholder of Changfang Group has changed from Deng Brothers to Guanggu in Nanchang, and the actual controller has changed to Wang Min.——LED chip

On November 15, Wanrun Technology also issued a similar announcement. The company's controlling shareholders, actual controllers, Li Zhijiang, Luo Xiaoyan, Li Chi and their concerted actors, Luo Ming, Huang Haixia and Luoping, transferred their total holdings of 182,454,657 shares of Wanrun Technologies to Hubei Hongtai Capital Investment and Operation Group Co., Ltd., that is, Hongtai Investment will hold 20.21% of Wanrun Technologies. The total amount of consideration for share transfer is 950,588,763 yuan.——LED chip

Since then, the controlling shareholder of Wanrun Science and Technology has become Hongtai Investment, and the actual controller is the State-owned Assets Management Commission of Hubei Province.——LED chip

10. Samsung's 146-inch modular Micro LED TV comes out

In recent years, Micro LED continues to be hot, and undoubtedly becomes the "Topic King". The news that large enterprises plan to launch micro LED products is endless.——LED chip

Earlier this year, Samsung showcased its 2018 CES with its 146-inch modular Micro LED TV "The Wall". The Wall is a micron (micron) scale LED self-luminescent TV, which is by far the largest type of home TV.——LED chip

Official news in July showed that The Wall began mass production in September and will launch a thinner version next year, down from 80 mm to 30 mm, targeting the high-end home market, but the price will be affordable to consumers.——LED chip

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