Investigation Report: Latest Progress Of Small Spacing LED In Liade And Zhouming Technologies

- Feb 20, 2019-

Recently, Liad and ZHOU Ming Science and Technology have received institutional research. Their exchanges cover a wide range of topics, including small spacing LED displays.

Lyad LED small spacing and other indicators of good order momentum

Regarding the current situation of Lyad's small space orders, Li Nannan, Secretary of the board of directors and deputy general manager, said that the momentum of products including small space orders has been good since this year. Besides regular orders, the company has also obtained orders for many large projects.

Among them, there are three ways to sell the conference system: one is the form of big customers, that is, for large commercial enterprises, etc. This part is docked by the company's LCD display department. The second is the direct selling mode, that is, for the needs of the medium-sized conference room display screen of the old customers, the direct selling team docks. The third is channel sales, that is, through the thousand stores plan to display.

In addition, according to General Li, the company launched Mini LED products in early 2018, using batch transfer technology, but because the production line is not mature, and found in the process of scale can not achieve the goal of significant cost reduction, so the company launched a micro LED product using mass transfer technology, using the existing SMT production line can achieve mass transfer technology.

ZHOU MING TECHNOLOGY is actively developing the overall layout of LED film screens

Xu Peng, Secretary of the board of directors of Zhouming Science and Technology, and Yuan Yuzhu, representative of securities affairs, expressed their views on the current development trend of LED small spacing industry.

Due to the continuous pursuit of the display effect of indoor display products in the market, LED small spacing products continue to develop to smaller spacing. Pursuing high resolution has become an important direction of industry development and progress.

ZHOU Ming Science and Technology pointed out that the current P1.5 and P1.2 LED small spacing display has become the mainstream of the industry, compared with the previous, the number of products under P1 also increased. At the same time, with the continuous innovation of products and the continuous decrease of cost, the application field of small spacing LED display will continue to expand, and the application in commercial display market such as business, conference rooms, enterprises will gradually open up.

In addition, the growing maturity of Mini LED technology will be conducive to the further expansion of the industry space, in order to further improve the market penetration in the commercial display market, high-end control room as a technical reserve.

About the layout of ZHOU MING TECHNOLOGY LED small spacing products in the commercial market, Secretary Xu said that in 2018, ZHOU MING TECHNOLOGY launched UTV III 176 inch commercial integrated machine for the first time in the world. The product adopts integrated design, equipped with ZHOU MING independent research and development operation system, and can be used without external equipment; built-in "ZHOU MING YUN" UNICAST content push platform, customers can be in the cloud server or this machine. The remote management of the screen body is authorized to realize the interconnected control and broadcasting in the LAN. At the same time, the product has many functional advantages such as high color gamut, wide viewing angle, shock sound effect, quick installation, one-click boot, full-front maintenance, wireless screen projection, built-in remote conference system, etc. Through the interconnection of products and solutions, the company will provide more efficient, professional and intelligent experience for large and medium-sized conference rooms, multi-functional halls, exhibition halls, classrooms and other fields.

In addition, the company actively carries out the overall layout of LED film screens. In terms of technology, the company is actively developing special LED display for cinema, which meets the international standards of DCI. In the market, the company has set up relevant industry solutions department to make comprehensive preparations for the small spacing of LED into the cinema market.