Is Lighting Dimming And System Control Another Change In The Industry

- Feb 19, 2019-

So far, it is still fresh in my memory. In 2003, the Ministry of Science and Technology led the establishment of the Office of the National Leading Group of Semiconductor Lighting, headed by Li Jian, then Director of the High-tech Department, and headed by Wu Ling. In the name of the Ministry of Science and Technology, a group of experts (I am fortunate to be one of the members) was hired and set up, thus beginning the rapid development of semiconductor lighting in China. First, there are "ten thousand cities" in full swing; then there is the Olympic Water Cube, Bird's Nest China Red; and then there is the LED of Expo 09 shining everywhere, reflecting both sides of the Pujiang River. After more than ten years of development, semiconductor lighting has almost replaced the original traditional lighting. Its speed is faster than the imagination of the world. I have always said: since LED entered the lighting field, the world lighting pattern has changed dramatically. Looking at GE, Osram and Philips, their dominant position is in jeopardy, they are actively adjusting, one of the directions is dimming lighting and system control.

By 2019, it is no longer meaningful to enter the era of semiconductor lighting, just like everyone can use smartphones, home is using LED lights. In this situation, we have to think: after replacing the original lighting with LED, where is the next energy-saving space?

After thinking and exploring around the new year, according to the prediction of "bold hypothesis, careful verification", if replacing traditional lighting with LED is called a change, then lighting dimming and system control will be another change facing the lighting industry.

Lighting dimming theory, our concept will change. In the second half of last year, I had a chance to study in LUTRON. Only then did we know that besides Edison's invention of the first tungsten filament lamp 130 years ago, there was LUTRON's invention of the world's first dimmer 59 years ago. That is to say, North American lighting has been dimmed for so many years, during which it has experienced tungsten filament lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and today's LED lamps. We seem to have just begun to supply lights and run out of them. Good life needs good lighting, from light up to light comfort, has become a new task of the lighting industry, in addition to the research and development of light source optics (such as golden and yellow light invented by Nanchang University), what spectrum, as well as Chengdu Hengkun lens "let each beam have a direction", indispensable is the dimmer, the most classic is sliding rod, rotary and wall-controlled.

Systematic cybernetics, our consciousness needs to be improved. I have talked with managers of energy-saving companies many times, and they told me: they have changed to LED lights, what energy-saving should they rely on next (usually five years a cycle)? By system control, almost the same consensus. According to estimates: LED replaces the traditional lamp, about 60% of the energy is saved, then the system control scheme can save more than 60% of lighting power and 20% of HVAC power. Information shows that system control has been included in international standards and must be matched. Domestic green building and lighting standards were launched last year. Five-star hotels have taken the lead in implementation, lighting must be controlled. It is believed that four stars and three stars will follow closely. If building lighting and commercial lighting are moving in the wind, it will be a prosperous blue sea. It will save energy, money and comfort. This is the general trend of the times. Why don't we be happy?

Recently, there was a hit movie of Wandering the Earth, and the box office has jumped to as much as 2.5 billion yuan. Why is it so hot? Because protecting the earth concerns everyone on the earth. Online: 350 scientists released a study on February 4, 2019: Two-thirds of Himalayan glaciers may melt? This is a big surprise to everyone! In order to protect the environment of the earth, it is urgent for lighting people to do their duty first: to do a good job of lighting and related lighting. Lighting dimming and system control may be another change in the lighting industry. Let's all be enthusiastic! Let's be a dreamer again!