Is The Heavier LED Lighting The Better?

- Aug 07, 2018-

Once I heard a little story: when a person bought LED lights, the boss recommended two lamps with the same price and same luminous flux, one with 6W and the other with 8W.

Finally, the man chose 8W and asked him why he didn't choose 6W. The final reason given was that the price was the same.


It is not entirely the fault of the consumer layman for such an ironic thing. After all, LED lighting has only emerged in the last decade or more, and it is only in the last few years that ordinary consumers have come into contact with LED lighting.

Some manufacturers do not actively guide consumers, but in order to cater to consumers, they deliberately make products with high power without changing the luminous flux.


At present, people's understanding of LED lighting products is still in the stage of incandescent lamp and energy saving lamp, believing that power determines everything.


Then, as an ordinary consumer, we do not know the luminous flux, the luminous efficiency, the color temperature, the index and other parameters. How should we choose LED lighting products?

This article will teach you how to select good LED lighting products from a completely layman's perspective.



Is the heavier LED lighting the better?


1. Drive.


LED drive can be divided into constant current and constant pressure from driving mode.

Switch off the power supply from the circuit type, resistance capacity and voltage, IC linear constant current, in which the switch power supply is separated from the switch power supply and the non-isolation switch power supply.


Resistance capacitance and voltage reduction and IC linear constant current are simple driving modes of the circuit. Generally, there are only a few components in the circuit.


Switching power supply circuit is more complex, and there are many electronic components, especially transformers, electrolytic capacitors and other components with heavy quality. Sometimes, from the perspective of power supply and lamps themselves, the entire internal space of power supply needs to be filled with glue, so this kind of product is of heavy quality, relatively speaking, the power source has fewer hidden dangers and is relatively safe.


So which is the low end product which is the high end product, let alone in the comparison to know.


2. Structure.


The life of LED lighting products is determined by the LED itself.

The product with good heat dissipation condition has a long life, and the product with bad heat dissipation has a very short life, and the heat dissipation is determined by the structure.


When purchasing LED lighting products, it is impossible for us to ask the sales staff to light up the products for several hours for us to perceive. There is also no measuring equipment on site.

In fact, you can weigh it in your hand.


At present, the shell of LED lamps mainly USES three materials: metal, ceramic and plastic.

Metal is the best material for the heat dissipation of lamps and lanterns, followed by ceramics and plastics.

At present, there are also many manufacturers using the way of plastic bag metal, both to meet the heat requirements, but also to ensure safety.


Metals, plastics or ceramics, or metals plus plastics, are judged by letting go.

So a good heat dissipation of a product, we can simply judge in the hand, the heavy manufacturers are willing to put "material", light is definitely a poor heat dissipation effect.


3. Other factors.


Although the method of "weight" cannot measure the quality of lighting products 100%, it can also provide some guidance and reference for us to choose and buy.


With the rapid development of science and technology, some high-end customers' requirements do not just stay in the above two aspects, but also have higher demands for lighting products, such as high display finger, color temperature requirement and luminous effect.

At this time, how to further judge a product good or bad?


Then we need the sales staff to give us several minutes of light display. For example, if we need products with high index, we can turn the light on some colorful objects with big color difference. If the effect is close to the sun and the color does not change significantly, the index will be higher.


In this way, the color index of the product can be roughly determined.

If we need good lighting effect, we can put the lamp on the wall to judge the light effect.

If is the color temperature request, then chooses the color which oneself likes then!