Japan And Asia Join Hands With Holland Agricultural Company To Further Develop LED Gardening Lighting Market.

- Nov 05, 2018-

Recently, Japan Asia Chemical Industry Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Japan Asia") issued a press release announcing that it will cooperate with Qwestland International, a Dutch agricultural solution supplier, to carry out research and experiments to further develop the LED horticultural lighting market.——LED lighting

Data show that Qwestland International has advanced technology in the field of greenhouse development and accumulated knowledge of plant growth environment control.——LED lighting

By working with it, the company will benefit from Qwestland International's knowledge and will continue to develop unique spectra using its core competitive phosphor technology in the hope of providing new sustainable lighting for crop cultivation to improve global nutrition, Riya said.——LED lighting

Regarding phosphor technology, it is reported that Riya announced in mid-October that it has patented the technology related to red phosphor LED of nitride series, which is shared by West Tiecheng Electronics, Mitsubishi Chemistry and the National Research and Development Corporation of Japan (NIMS).——LED lighting

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