Japan's Botanical Workshop In Ancient Feng Shu: Plant Workshop Wisdom LED Lighting And Environmental Control.

- Apr 09, 2018-

    In the near future, the combination of intelligent technology, traditional technology and new technology will bring about a completely new production mode. "Three aspects," In the previous period, in the "2017 Aladdin Forum - Thinking Lighting Forum" of the special gardening and lighting, the chairman of the Japanese plant institute of plant research, Professor Feng Shu, expressed his good vision for the future of plant plants. He made a wonderful speech around the theme of plant workshop, wisdom, LED lighting and environmental control. The following is the editor's account of Professor Feng Shu's speech.——led light

Problems of resources and efficiency and problems of cost control.

   Nowadays, there are more than 200 enterprises with plant interior lighting system in Japan, and the number of plant plants is increasing every year, and this kind of plant plant is also booming in China, the United States and Europe.——led light

    Theoretically, artificial lighting can make use of the least amount of resources to achieve the highest yield and quality of plants, thereby reducing costs and reducing pollutant emissions. But in fact, few plant factories really achieve sustainable profit at present. What is the reason why the real production and product quality are far below the theoretical potential, because the supply capacity and low utilization rate have led to higher production costs.——led light

    In terms of operation, plant plants require higher skills, more complex operations, need software configuration, and the cost of production per unit area is high, and sustainable production has not yet been realized, which means further research is needed. But from the perspective of technological potential, plant factories are promising in business.——led light

    Many intelligent technologies, including AI, ICT, robotics and so on, are involved in this process. From another point of view, it is also necessary to combine traditional botanical and agricultural knowledge, especially biological indicators, and even some genetic knowledge.——led light

How to overcome the complexity of environmental control

    A management system based on artificial intelligence (AI), which is connected to a sensor, can understand the surrounding production environment, and will be transmitted to a database of large data, including data of plant growth phenotypes, environmental conditions, and so on. The control of components, cloud computing, robot technology is an indispensable part, the artificial intelligence core management system in all aspects of intelligent setting can complete the expected goal, but the difficulty of the plant growth is very complex.——led light

    What role does light play in the process of plant growth? First, from the energy point of view, it can promote photosynthesis and radiate light and heat; second, from the point of view of information sources, the status of metabolism in the process of plant growth and the expression of light form in this process.——led light

    Considering the light environment of plant growth, we need to consider the PPFD optical flux density, the direction of illumination and the period of light. In the direction of light, the light is illuminated from the top down or down, all of them are still floodlight. All of these variables vary according to time, and the most headache is that one of the variables in the above variable will be affected by other variables. The temperature of leaves, the concentration or humidity of carbon dioxide, the composition of other fertilizers, plant filling and so on will be affected by the light environment. There are also some conduction, such as the conduction of germs and the infection of diseases. The light environment is related to the common growth cycle of plants.——led light

    "The value of the unit price * sum is as big as possible, this is an ideal goal we want to achieve." LED technology will play a great role in the transformation of energy from energy to light energy. And what we need to do is not only to transform light energy into electric energy, but also to consider the growth of the whole plant at the later stage.——led light

    We should consider the economic value of planting vegetables. What are the factors that affect the plant's weight, size, shape, color and texture, as well as the composition of nutrients, vitamin C, antioxidant and so on, and we should minimize the adverse conditions caused by physiological causes, such as the lack of trace elements that cause the white surface of plants to be white Or black spots. At the same time, the taste and taste of vegetables have great influence on their economic value. In addition, the shelf life is also an influencing factor. The above factors are closely related to the surrounding production, environment and plant varieties. So when looking for solutions, we don't need existing experience, but we need bold imagination and vision, because this system is too complex.——led bulb lamp

    To achieve the best PPFD solution and the best photolysis quality, we need a lot of measurements, accurate calculations, big data, AI and so on. The light environment provides an excellent environment for this, such as the LED lamps can have high speed microprocessor with large memory, large data artificial intelligence, the Internet of things on open data platform, or the Omics of the DNA test function.——led bulb lamp

    Nowadays, white light LED contains more and more green light. Green light is not needed for plant growth. However, if the photosynthesis of dense plant irrigated layer is not considered, the effect of this part will be discounted. At the same time, we can find that green light is useful and densely planted in plants. Photosynthesis and photosynthesis will be more intensive. Scientists have pointed out that green light has increased the resistance of plants to plants, and some studies suggest that green light will change the irrigation layer of plants, but the knowledge of this part is very small.——led bulb lamp

Dual plant plant system

    First, the LED intelligent lighting system is based on the phenotypic environment, basic modules, hardware and software, and has a dual mode mode, that is, plant plants that exist in some entities, and another part of the virtual plant factory, because the virtual digital technology will be used in large quantities.——led bulb lamp

    In the surface analysis of the environmental control process, there are many factors to consider, including the specificity and character of the plant itself, the water, nitrogen, chlorophyll compounds, and the expression analysis of plants. We need to combine the two aspects of the gene and environment. How does the plant phenotype be defined? We measure plant specificity through some methods and schemes, such as the characteristics of the plant cell level, the characteristics of the irrigation layer and the related functions.——led bulb lamp

    Plant phenotypic image sensing devices include general cameras, spectral radiometry, far-infrared, fluorescence 3D scanning, tricolor sensors and so on. LED color camera can understand three dimensional data of plants and input them to computers to integrate other general data and surrounding environment data.——led bulb lamp

    This technique can be used to breed special plant varieties suitable for internal closed plant plants, and can be specially fortified with their own needs, such as plants with high C content, which can produce disease resistant plants. So the pressure generated by the plants is very small for the surrounding area, because it is relatively closed environment, no need to use pesticides or anything like that.——led bulb lamp

    Compared with traditional production mode, this module has high expansibility. As we all know, there is a gap between the research and the application, the small size of the laboratory and the lack of a method of scale, so it is often difficult to work in the large environment, and there is also a gap between small mass production and commercial production.——led bulb lamp

    In such an environment, the basic modules we produce have the above characteristics, one is expansibility, the other is adaptability. The plant production methods used at present include many changes, plant characteristics, the surrounding environment, the genetic information management details of the plant itself, and so on, so it is necessary to improve the environmental control plan to bring more varieties of plants to plant plants. Because the development of breeding and commercialization is separate now, and the next step is the development of breeding and commercialization.——led bulb lamp

    What we have to do is data integration, data of every minute, square, genomics and management data, and embedded into the machine learning system to provide more information based on the above - mentioned deep learning based on artificial intelligence. This information can be controlled by breeding environment.——led bulb lamp

    Double plant factories, on the one hand, are plant factories on the one hand, on the one hand are virtual plant factories, that is, digitalized management system. So there is a connection between the virtual world and the real world, and a lot of information is transmitted from the sensing device to the world. Based on all processed data, virtual systems can make calculations and predictions for the future, such as future production, environmental variables, and possible costs. And we can make a comparison of whether the prediction data of the virtual device is accurate for future. If there are any problems, we can adjust some algorithms in virtual computing in time.——led bulb lamp

    "We have a good vision: in the near future, the combination of intelligent technology, traditional technology and new technology will bring about a new mode of production," he said. Three The true realization of the dual plant growth system requires a complete set of software configurations, and the data also needs an open platform for data exchange, and a plant plant needs a distributed, ubiquitous network.——led bulb lamp

    Moreover, the plant system can also be combined with other biological systems, such as fishing grounds, mushrooms and other places to provide fresh food for the city. I am not describing a beautiful dream, but now it has become a reality.——led bulb lamp