Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau Spot Checks: Vehicle Lighting Qualified Rate Of 97.7%

- Aug 02, 2018-

In July 31st, the Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau issued an analysis report on the quality supervision of automobile lamps and lanterns. This time a total of 88 batches of automobile lamps were checked, of which 86 batches were qualified, and the qualified rate was 97.7%. The spot checks found that two batches of products with poor performance of light distribution, involving headlights, rear fog lamps each 1 categories.——LED Automobile lighting

Automobile lamps bear two functions of lighting and indicating signals, and are important components of active safety. The light matching performance has strict requirements for light shape and each test point. The design of light matching mirror and reflector and the combination of the two and the light source are reasonable. The function is to illuminate the road condition, and can not affect the line of sight of the driver on the other side, and also the role of the other driving vehicles.——LED Automobile lighting

Quality inspection experts remind consumers that in the selection and purchase of automotive lamps and lanterns should check the surface of the product shell has no "CCC" certification marks, check the certificate, factory site, contact phone, implementation standards and other labeling information is standardized and complete.——LED Automobile lighting

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