Jingdian, Longda And Other Stations Actively Layout Mini LED, What Is The Potential Of Each Company

- Dec 26, 2018-

Mini LED is expected to inject revenue into Taiwanese plants next year. Crystal power chips and LED manufacturers Lunda are customized for customers, or with group Austrian assistance. Their layout is different, but they are regarded as the two most potential LED plants by the market.——Micro/Mini LED

In addition, Rongchuang has the support of Hon Hai Group, and the group's share in Guangyin will help Hon Hai Group to further grasp the production capacity of red LED, which is also promising in the future development of MINI LED.——Micro/Mini LED

Crystal Telecom is currently the most active in the progress of Mini LED. Crystal Telecom can launch customized products for major customers. It also has the ability to modify its own equipment. With sufficient production capacity of red LED, Crystal Telecom is expected to become the biggest beneficiary if it can expand the penetration of Mini LED in the future.——Micro/Mini LED

Longda has Group Austrian Aid, with Youda in the group to control the market share in monitors, NB panel factory. Longda can design Mini LED products according to Youda's needs. Although Crystal Telecom and Longda adopt different layout routes, they are relatively favored in the battlefield of Mini LED.——Micro/Mini LED

Mini LED related new products have been put on the market later than expected, mainly due to the cost. It takes about 100,000 to 300,000 Mini LEDs to calculate 65-inch TV. In the same size of backlight applications, the cost of Mini LED is 15-20% higher than the traditional backlight of the same size. Therefore, although there is no big problem in putting into production, the cost is still the main consideration.——Micro/Mini LED

The industry had expected that there would be more Mini LED related applications on the market in the fourth quarter of this year, but due to the cost problem, there are not many new products on the market at present, and the time may be delayed to the first quarter to the second quarter of next year, and even if it is in mass production, the initial application area is limited to medium-sized products.——Micro/Mini LED

LED inside judges that the production schedule of Mini LED display falls in 2019, while Micro LED display will be launched in 2021 for small and medium-sized products.——Micro/Mini LED

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