Knowledge: What Is OLED Lighting?

- Oct 14, 2018-

OLED has the characteristic of spontaneous light, the current through on the luminescence.

It has large visual Angle, thin and transparent, flexible design, energy saving and power saving.

Uncle au knows this sounds a little bit hard to understand, don't worry, just look at the picture.

These are OLED lights, which are flat and light enough to be designed as flaps.

It looks like a piece of glass that glows. It looks like it can be blown in the wind.

OLED light 1


OLED lamps and lanterns


OLED lighting


These OLED lighting applications show the high degree of freedom in their design, and they can use large "slice" and small "slice" OLED light source to shape different lighting concepts.

Later, skylights and floor-to-ceiling Windows can also be used as large OLED lighting, which can be penetrated by natural light like ordinary glass during the day, and illuminated by the large glass OLED spontaneous light at night.