Kunshan Street Is Now The Whole Lamp Pole In The Light Of The Signal Lamp Received Friendly Comments On The Internet

- Mar 29, 2019-

Recently, Suzhou Kunshan Traffic Police set up four "new Plus version signal lights" in the four directions of Zhenchuan Road and Heilongjiang Road. There are two striking light bands on the lamp pole of this kind of signal lamp, which will change with the signal lamp. When the signal lamp is red, the optical band synchronously displays red; when the signal lamp is green, the optical band synchronously displays green.

Kunshan Traffic Police introduced that the new type of signal lamp is beautiful, eye-catching, wide visual range, not only fast response, waterproof is also excellent, but also reduces the occurrence of signal lamp occlusion.

Many netizens praised this kind of signal lamp vigorously, "This kind of signal lamp is good, follow behind the car, can clearly see the traffic light signal, avoid the vehicle to run the red light by mistake", "driving will not follow the car to run the red light. That's 6 cents, 200 yuan. "That's good. Promote it nationwide."