Landavans Has Officially Launched A New Brand Of LEDVANCE Lamps

- Jun 17, 2019-

After landavance was officially independent from osram in 2016, the lamp category has been developing rapidly in more than two years. In order to better meet the market demand and serve professional users, landavance recently announced that it will use LEDVANCE as the lamp brand.

According to landavans, the development of lamps and lanterns industry insists on embracing the old and new, and the lamps and lanterns business has been greatly developed, thus landavans has rapidly transformed into a comprehensive general lighting application supplier.

In the past two years, hollande Vance adapt to market changes, continue to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, from a single model constantly upgraded to product + service enterprises, and by people because of the lighting in the field of continuous exploration, to further advance their own device products and components industry and expand the professional class category of lamps and lanterns, so as to realize the application of lighting products in the field of Internet.

Landervance said that the new LEDVANCE lamp brand symbolizes inclusiveness and innovation. From technological innovation to design innovation, it closely follows technological trends and aims at industrial opportunities. Meanwhile, it also symbolizes a richer category, better performance and smarter application.

Landavance also emphasizes that "distribution partners are landavance's preferred path to the global market". The brand new LEDVANCE lighting brand is also a symbol of accompanying with the majority of partners, growing and achieving each other, which means to truly achieve "win-win" with customers.

It is reported that in the two and a half years of independent operation, landavans lamp business from zero to achieve more than $600 million in sales.