Laser Li-Fi Is So Cow? Communication Rate Up To 10 Times That Of LED Li-Fi?

- Sep 03, 2018-

Laser Li-Fi is so cow? Communication rate up to 10 times that of LED Li-Fi?

Still hesitating for the uneven Wi-Fi standard? Li-Fi may be the new technical standard. This optical communication technology uses LED-based indoor light waves instead of radio waves for data transmission. At present, the top team of Li-Fi research is seeking technology for data transmission outside of LED. This is laser-based Li-Fi communication technology, which can theoretically increase the rate by more than 10 times on the basis of LED Li-Fi. (In fact, underwater transmissions jointly developed by China's Huake, the United States, and Iran in the past few years have been able to increase the wireless rate to 300 Gb/s at a distance of 1 m. The medium used today is air.)led bulb light

The current problem is that although LEDs consume less power than incandescent light, the efficiency of LED light output is still further increased," said Harald Haas, chairman of the University of Edinburgh's mobile communications and a member of the parallel visible light communication program. It is believed that the next generation of energy efficient optical communication will be related to diode laser technology.led flood light

Li-Fi transmits the code through the light by modulating the output data. The high-frequency flickering light cannot be discerned by the naked eye. The dedicated receiver installed on computers and mobile devices can recognize such high-frequency signals, and sometimes can return data and operate in duplex mode. Duplex did not mention). However, many LEDs use a fluorescent film to convert blue light to white light, which limits the encoding rate of the device and the data transfer rate to some extent.led flame bulb

In a paper published in OpticsExpress, Haas and his team used laser diodes instead of LEDs to improve appeals. The high energy efficiency and light effect of the laser can increase the code modulation rate by a factor of 10 (relative to LED). In addition, for light color conversion, the laser does not require a fluorescent film, and it can directly form a white light by mixing a plurality of laser outputs of different wavelengths. This means that the communication link can use multiplexing technology as the independent data path for different wavelengths of light. This multiplexing of light waves can greatly enhance the data carried by the laser Li-Fi. At present, the experimental team at the University of Edinburgh has adopted 9 laser diodes.led tube light

Currently, LED-based Li-Fi communication rates can reach 10Gb/s, while Wi-Fi can reach up to 7Gb/s, and laser Li-Fi can increase the rate to over 100Gb/s.

At present, the cost of implementing laser Li-Fi equipment is still very high, but Haas believes that industrial mass production can ultimately reduce the cost of laser Li-Fi equipment and promote the widespread use of this technology. BMW has designed laser headlights into his 8 Series models. This is just the beginning of the popularity of laser diodes.

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