LED Bubble LED Bulb

- Jun 04, 2018-

According to PHILPS's "global eye health survey", the global attention to eye care is far less than other health issues. Even if lighting can affect eye health, people seldom consider the comfort of the eyes when they choose to buy Lamps and lanterns. Xin Nuo Fei pays attention to the quality of life and health of consumers, launches a new PHILPS "Shu ho light" technology LED bubble, the patent soft dot design effectively reduces the glare, the international IEC no blue light hazard authentication, and advanced SVM suppression scintillation measurement technology, providing high quality lighting, so that the good light is lit at home.——LED Eye protection

Li Yunhua, senior vice president and global LED manager, said high quality LED lighting can not only help reduce visual fatigue, reduce the harm of blue light, but also provide longer life. High quality lighting is especially important for life quality and eye comfort, and is looking forward to providing comfortable light source through innovative technology. The person's eyes are in good health.——LED Eye protection

Xin nofly introduces the PHILPS comfort light technology, the whole series of LED bulb lamps and lanterns are equipped with the characteristics of shiny technology, no blue light hazard authentication and low frequency flash suppression, providing high quality LED light source for the consumers, making the eyes in a comfortable environment all the time. In addition, Xin Nuo Fei will also send a series of "Shu view light" lamps and lanterns in the future. To maintain the health of the consumers.——LED Eye protection

Zhang Zhaokai, director of Nobel's ophthalmology and the director of Taiwan cataract and Refractive Surgery Medical Association, reminds us that myopia is irreversible. The sooner the myopia begins, the higher the probability of getting high myopia in the future, about 10% of the high myopia population will produce retinal detachment, macular lesion, glaucoma and other complications.——LED Eye protection

Dr. Zhang Zhaokai said eye care is a nationwide movement. Among them, there are two types of child eyesight alert areas that parents are most likely to ignore. They are the long - term blue light, insufficient lighting, inhomogeneous or flickering light, as well as the 3C people who overuse intelligent hand or tablet computers. In addition to a balanced diet, good sleeping habits, a limited use of 3C products and regular examination to ophthalmologists, parents should also pay attention to the quality of the home light source; in addition to sufficient light sources, it is suggested that a certified blue light hazard, or low glare and low stroboscopic suppression, be selected for high quality lighting.——LED Eye protection