LED By TV Backlight Demand, Crystal Blue LED In March Shipments Back Temperature

- Mar 06, 2019-

In January and February this year, due to the influence of the lunar New Year, the performance of crystal electric was relatively weak. However, as the new TV models began to stock up, the demand for backlight blue LED of TV has been recovering recently.

Blue LED seasonal ups and downs, but red light four-yuan LED demand this year should still be relatively stable, the company said.

As for the new product VCSEL, besides the data center application, it has also introduced a small number of mobile sensing applications.

In addition, the crystal electric Mini LED new products, in 2018, which started from the epitaxial/grain process to a service/module, and deliver authentication, in succession before the end of last year to start a small production, is expected in the second quarter of this year after the shipment is expected to enlarge scale, application is still in the early high-level e-sports and commercial display monitor is more, in the second half of this year from the contribution of the Mini LED products is expected to increase.

In terms of price, LED prices fell sharply in 2018 despite the impact of increased capacity in the mainland and market competition.

However, the industry believes that the average price of blue light LED since the peak decline, the decline of more than 50 percent, estimates this year may have a chance to curb the price decline.

The company's revenue in January was 1.268 billion yuan (nt $), up 6.57 percent month on month, mainly supported by customers' purchases before the lunar New Year.

Due to the lunar New Year holiday in the first quarter, the traditional off-season and fewer working days, even if the demand for TV backlight in March drives the shipment temperature of blue ray LED, it is expected that the overall revenue performance in the first quarter may be weak under the influence of January and February.

However, driven by the recovery of working days and new products such as Mini LED, the first quarter may also be the bottom of this year's operation.

At present, the company has 500 MOCVD machines, among which the proportion of backlight application is about 10%-15%, the proportion of consumer electronics application is about 15%, the proportion of lighting is about 25%-30%, the proportion of display screen is 15%-20%, and the proportion of automotive and IR is about 10%.