LED Chip Composition And Classification

- Jul 31, 2018-

LED chip composition and classification

    The LED chip is a PN combination in which a P-layer semiconductor element and an N-layer semiconductor element are rearranged and combined by electron movement. LED chips are the five most important components of the original materials: chips, brackets, silver glue, gold wire, epoxy resin.

    Mainly composed of gold pad, P pole, N pole, PN junction, back gold layer (double pad chip without back gold layer).led bulb light

    Let us first understand the principle of LED chip illumination: when the chip is applied with a positive voltage by a certain voltage, the hole in the positive P region will continuously swim to the N region, and the electrons in the N region will be opposite to the hole. P area movement. In the electrons, while the holes move relative to each other, the electron holes are paired with each other to excite photons and generate light energy. When a current flows from the anode to the cathode, the crystal emits light of different colors from ultraviolet to infrared, and the intensity of the light is related to the current.led tube light

    We will continue to understand the classification of LED chips. LED chips can be classified into N/P and P/N according to their polarity. According to the illuminating part, it is divided into surface illuminating type (most of the light is emitted from the surface of the chip) and five-sided illuminating type (the surface and the side have more light emission). If divided according to the composition can be divided into: binary, ternary, quaternary LED chips. The so-called binary, ternary, and quaternary LED chips refer to the number of effective elements contained in the chip. If you divide by component, you can divide it into the following types:

   A. Binary chip (phosphorus, gallium): H, G, etc. (There are two effective elements)

   B. Ternary chip (phosphorus, gallium, arsenic): SR, HR, UR, etc. (There are three effective elements)

   C. Quaternary chips (phosphorus, aluminum, gallium, indium): SRF, HRF, URF, VY, HY, UY, UYS, UE, HE, UG, etc.led flood light

    Take the ternary LED chip as an example. It refers to LED chips mainly containing three elements, such as HY, HO, IR, SR, etc., which is called ternary LED. The visible light brightness is generally lower than that of the quaternary (four elements) LED. The red light chip used in the full color display screen is mostly a quaternary product, which is characterized by high brightness.

    The distinction between ternary LED chips and quaternary LED chips is mainly due to the different semiconductor materials in their illuminating regions. Such as ternary LED chips have GaALAs GaAsP and so on. The quaternary chip refers to InGaALP. Although the materials of ternary and quaternary are different, the brightness of quaternary elements is higher, but the quaternary LED has more IR than the ternary. It is more difficult to work with anti-static.led flame bulb

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