LED Chip Flip Chip Technology

- Jul 04, 2018-

LED chip flip chip technology

    Chip flip-chip technology is a very popular concept at present, and its advantages are believed to be understood by everyone. But the biggest reason why it is not popular now is twofold:

    First, how the new technology will take a while to shape, and ultimately the market will determine his life.led bulb light

    Second, flip-chip LEDs subvert the traditional LED process, from chip to package, which will require higher equipment. Take the package and say that the cost of the front-end equipment that can do flip-chip will definitely increase a lot. The threshold is so that some companies simply cannot access this technology.led tube light

    Chip flip chip bonding technology is one of the core technologies of APT

   The technical advantages of chip flip:

   Compared with the positive chip, the flip chip has better heat dissipation function. At the same time, we have epitaxial design, chip process and chip graphic design suitable for flip chip bonding. The chip products have the advantages of low voltage, high brightness, high reliability, high saturation current density, etc.; together with the integration of the protection circuit on the flip-chip substrate, the chip reliability and performance are obviously helpful; in addition, the formal wear Compared with the vertical structure, the flip chip bonding method makes it easier to realize ultra-high power chip-level modules and multi-function integrated chip light source technology, which has great advantages in LED chip module yield and performance.led flame bulb

   About LED light source modular concept

    What is the modularization of LED light sources? The LED light source, the heat dissipating component and the driving power source are assembled and formed, and the integrated assembly of "light, electricity and heat" is integrated. This makes the product simple and cheap, and is a trend in the future development of semiconductor lighting. Years ago, Chaoyi Lighting Division has introduced LED chips that integrate drive power. By modularizing the LED light source, the intermediate link from the chip to the system can be reduced. This whole process is called abroad: system packaging.led ceiling light

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