LED Chip Industry Development Prospect Analysis

- Jun 17, 2018-

LED chip industry development prospect analysis

    In recent years, the domestic LED lamp market has developed rapidly. For the diversified needs of consumers, the LED lamp market is highly competitive. So what is the development prospect of the LED chip industry? Please listen to the author for you.led bulb light

    China's LED industry started with packaging and the initial chip relies mainly on imports. In recent years, driven by strong downstream demand and support from local policies, major LED chip companies in China have increased investment in R&D, actively formulated plans for expansion, and investment in the chip sector has continuously increased, which has accelerated the development of the domestic LED chip industry. In 2014, the localization rate of domestic chips has reached 80%. With the rapid advancement of domestic chip companies' technology, the chip has basically realized all localization. Some leading companies in the industry have begun to export LED chips or chip products to the international market.led tube light


    In recent years, the technological development and process improvement of each link in the LED industry chain have drastically reduced the cost of LED and promoted the all-round development of LED applications. LED epitaxial growth and chip manufacturing are the most important steps in the LED production process. The level of technological development determines the penetration range of LED applications. Improving luminous efficiency (lm/W) and reducing unit cost (yuan/lm) is the main goal of LED epitaxial wafer industry technology development.led flame bulb

    Luminous efficiency is a symbolic technical indicator of LED products. In addition to affecting the brightness and energy consumption of LED chips, luminous efficiency also affects the cost and reliability of LED chips. In recent years, in order to improve the luminous efficiency, researchers have done a lot of R&D work on improving the quantum efficiency and light extraction efficiency of LEDs, and proposed a PSS substrate epitaxial wafer, a roughened epitaxial surface, a metal bond peeling, and a flip chip structure. , vertical chip structure and other technologies have led to a significant increase in LED luminous efficiency. LED light source device package warm white luminous efficiency has reached 140lm / W or so, the package cool white luminous efficiency has reached 170lm / W or so, the international mainstream laboratory level has reached 230lm / W. In March 2014, a LED with a luminous efficiency of 303 lm/W was released, which further improved the luminous efficiency of LED technology.led flood light

    In recent years, due to government policy support and R&D capital intensive investment in China, and accompanied by a large number of Chinese Taiwanese and South Korean LED industry technical experts and teams joining local companies, the average technical level of domestic LED epitaxial chip companies has made considerable progress and has achieved International advanced level.

    Reducing the cost of epitaxy and chips is crucial for promoting LED applications. In recent years, researchers have started with new technologies, new structures, and new processes. Through technological innovation, they have continuously reduced the costs of epitaxy and chip production. The cost of white LED packaging will be reduced from US$25/klm in 2009 to US$0.7/klm in 2020, with the ultimate goal of LED cost being US$0.5/klm, and the average annual cost will drop by more than 30%.led high bay light

    In addition to luminous efficiency and unit cost, in LED display screens, backlights and other applications, the LED chip's light decay, brightness, color consistency and anti-static capabilities are also key technical indicators related to LED applications.

    The technical threshold of LED chip technology is relatively high. The competition in LED packaging industry is fierce and the industry concentration is increasing. The penetration rate of LED application industry is continuously increasing, the growth rate of traditional applications is slowing, and the growth rate of emerging applications exceeds that of traditional applications.

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