LED Circle Of The Week: Order Signing, Equity Acquisition, New Product Release

- Jul 10, 2019-

Recently, domestic and foreign enterprises have started to take frequent actions. Among them, huatian technology has impressed LEDinside a lot. Huatian technology signed a high-value smart street lamp project and set up a joint venture company to promote the project.

In addition, the first semi-annual performance forecast of LED circle is also released this week. The performance is quite interesting, and few words will be said. Please follow LEDinside to review the highlights of this week.

[big enterprise dynamics]

★ a U.S. startup launches the world's smallest and densest Micro LED display

According to reports, us startup Mojo Vision launched a Micro LED display with 14000 PPI, which claims to be the smallest and densest dynamic display in the world.

At 0.48mm, the screen is about the size of a grain of sand, but its pixel density is 300 times higher than today's smartphone screens.

The prototype technology, which USES Micro leds, is expected to be used in wearable devices such as AR/VR and head-up displays.

★ huashi technology signed 600 million yuan smart street lamp project, and set up a joint venture company

On June 3, huachi technology announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation framework agreement on the construction and operation of smart street lamps in renshou county, meishan city, with an estimated total investment of about 600 million yuan.

Meishan city, in addition, to better serve renshou intelligent street lamp project construction and operation service, China science and technology with 10.5 million yuan body renshou county xin city construction development co., LTD., chengdu China lamps and lanterns manufacture installation engineering co., LTD. Jointly set up a joint venture company is responsible for this project to make the investment, financing, construction, operation and maintenance, hand over.

★ lianchuang photoelectric 80 million set up a joint venture company, power high temperature superconducting induction technology

Recently, lianchuang optoelectronics announced that it plans to invest 80 million yuan to set up a joint venture company to develop high-temperature superconducting induction technology.

The registered capital of the joint venture is RMB 20,000 yuan at the early stage, of which RMB 80 million yuan is contributed by the company in currency, and the shareholding ratio is 40%.

The electronic group invested 120 million yuan in currency and held 60% of the shares.

★ in order to integrate resources, guangbao group acquired 100% equity of guangbao Japan with over 96 million RMB

Lite-on Japan ltd. announced ON June 3 that its board of directors has adopted a resolution to acquire all outstanding ordinary shares of lite-on Japan ltd. through an open acquisition in the JASDAQ market in order to integrate the group's resources and improve its operating efficiency.

Upon completion of the transaction, LOJ will be subject to the provisions of the relevant Japanese securities laws and regulations, making LOJ a 100% owned subsidiary of optoelectronics.

Nanchang optical valley about 176 million changfang group 5.03% shares

On June 3, changfang group issued a notice to announce the change of the company's rights and interests. Nanchang guanggu group co., LTD., the controlling shareholder of the company, accepted 5.0389% shares of Mr. Deng zichang and Mr. Deng zquan (deng brothers) with a price of about 176 million yuan, and the total transfer price was 176,370,442.63 yuan.

Meanwhile, the entrusted voting relationship of the remaining 59,404,636 shares (accounting for 7.5185% of the total share capital) in the original entrusted voting shares of deng brothers was dissolved.

★ apple display new release, using a new LED backlight scheme

Held on June 4th, apple worldwide developers conference (WWDC) in 2019, issued the Pro Display of XDR professional level 6 k Display, pick up a piece of 32 inch LCD panel, a resolution of 6016 x 3384, and support P3 wide color gamut, 10 bit color depth, super wide viewing Angle, nanometer grain anti glare glass, screen brightness can reach 1000 nita, peak brightness of 1600 nits.

The contrast is 1,000,000 to one.

A big part of that is apple's new LED backlighting scheme.

★ delta completed the acquisition of Amerlux, an American LED architectural lighting company

Delta electronics, a taiwan-based supplier of power management and cooling solutions, announced the completion of its acquisition of Amerlux LLC, an American LED building lighting solutions company.

Under the terms of the deal, delta electronics of the Netherlands, a wholly owned subsidiary of delta, acquired 100 per cent of Amerlux.

[performance & operation]

Wood linsen half - year earnings forecast released, is expected to profit 280-320 million

On June 5, mulinsen first announced the first half of 2019 earnings forecast.

The company expects to realize a net profit of 28,000 yuan to 320 million yuan attributable to shareholders of listed companies in the first half of this year, which is 33.89% to 42.15% lower than 48,013,900 yuan in the same period last year.

★ crystal power group this year to profit, will continue to power niche applications

The shareholder reports of crystal power and yiguang have been released successively, and the two leading manufacturers have warned of the supply and demand status of this year. It is expected that the LED industry will still be shrouded in the shadow of oversupply this year. The bulk applications have been saturated, and niche applications will take over and become the main growth drivers.

Determined the terminal application requirements towards wisdom and cost-effective, the trend of development, has to be constantly on research and development, improve technology and therefore reduce costs, crystal electric will continue to launch new products, optimize resource use efficiency, promote the additional value of products and optimize the product mix, to get more high quality orders, expected to turn into profit by this year.

Orion announced Q4 for fiscal year 2019 and full-year financial results

Orion Energy Systems, Inc., a U.S. provider of LED lighting and Energy project solutions, reported results.

In the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2019, the company achieved revenue of $22.4 million (about 155 million yuan), up 49% from the same period last year.

Revenue for fiscal year 2019 was $65.8 million, up 9% from the same period last year.