LED Display Enters The Film Market, Behind The Hidden Opportunities And Challenges

- Jun 20, 2018-

LED display enters the film market, behind the hidden opportunities and challenges

    Samsung launched the world's first 34-inch LED screen “Cinema Screen” in 2017 and was formally used in the movie theater in Lotte World Tower. It also took the first step for LED applications on the big screen. In addition to Samsung, SONY introduced the Micro LED Crystal display, which has the advantages of wider viewing angle, higher contrast, and better picture quality. In addition, SONY showcased SONY Cinema at the InfoComm 2018 site and demonstrated its determination to promote LED displays.led bulb light

    Only the LED display is self-illuminating, and it is different from the traditional way of using the projector. Therefore, the old filmmakers questioned it was only a "large-scale TV screen." However, the mainstream metal halogen bulbs for commercial projection currently have a short service life and energy consumption, allowing manufacturers to select new light sources and challenge mainstream digital projection technologies. LED displays are one of them.led tube light

    From the point of view of screen update rate and resolution, LED display screens can increase the audio and video experience more than conventional digital projection devices, achieving 3D-like functions and bringing different business opportunities for 3D naked eye technology. In terms of screen content, the peak brightness is as high as 146fL, which is ten times higher than that of the standard movie projector 14fL, which can further reduce the viewer's dizziness due to low brightness.

    However, there are still technical breakthroughs in LED display technology, including issues such as heat dissipation, high power consumption, and bad point cross, which are all challenges that affect the popularity of LED displays. Therefore, in order to be able to replace in real time and meet the needs of theater maintenance and replacement, the display must also have the function of real-time plugging and unplugging. In addition, the high technology and high cost of LED displays are also a major obstacle to popularization.led flood light

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